How to Cosplay As Cloud Strife

Are you a die-hard Final Fantasy fan? Or do you just like the characters? If Cloud is one of them, check out these easy steps to create your own cosplay outfit based on his from the video game, Final Fantasy 7.


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    Find reference pictures. If you've seen my Squall cosplay article, this will follow a similar format. Pictures are vital to getting every part of Cloud's clothing.
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    After you've found some pictures, start with the hardest components of the outfit. We'll start with his shoulder piece. This can be made from a huge variety of materials. The easiest to use is probably cardboard. Some other materials and techniques are much more difficult to come by.
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    Cloud's shoulder armor sits sort of outward on his left shoulder. It has a distinct rounded shape, with three large bolts sticking out. Start with a shell shape. It has a rim on the part that makes contact with your shoulder. This should be flat and attached to the shell. For the bolts, look for gigantic screws. This is probably the closest you can get. If you can't find any, try making them.
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    Underneath this armor is a flattened leather neck guard that attaches to the bottom of Cloud's armor. I was able to bolt the finished shell with three screws into a cardboard piece covered in suede leather. This flat piece should fit over your neck muscle and be rectangular. To keep it on your body, find a strap of some kind and attach it by sewing, duct tape(though this will be noticeable), or glue. Have this come down your chest towards your right hip then loop onto your back which will be connected to the armor and neck guard.
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    Cloud wears a turtleneck sweater with no sleeves. This can be any color, but go for dark blue, dark purple, or black for the best results. Also, there is a second leather strap that goes right over his right shoulder and connects to a large belt-like piece. To make this, find a large piece of cardboard, cover it with leather, glue it on, then use the pictures or make any design you want on this waist piece you've just made.
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    His trademark, his long spiky blond hair, is fairly difficult to style unless you use a ton of gel and a blowdryer. I ordered a wig online, but if you prefer, wait until your hair grows out, then cut it and style it like Cloud's. Dye it blond using temporary stuff or professional hair dye. If you don't mind wearing one, get a wig.
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    His gloves are easy. Find brown or black work gloves and create a small metal ring with bolts for your right hand. For your left arm, you need two large metal rings with bolts on them. And find bandages which are worn under these gauntlets.
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    His pants are also easy. They need to be baggy, and wear work boots or combat boots. Tuck the bottom of each pant leg into the boots to give it that baggier effect. These must be dark in color, and should match the sweater.
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    Another difficult yet awesome aspect of Cloud, is the Buster Sword. In reality, a sword that large would be too bulky and too heavy to just stroll around with. But, if you are a true die-hard Cloud fanatic, I would go for a wooden version. Wood can be polished and made to look like metal fairly easily. The handle is similar to a pole. The hilt is rectangular, and the sword itself is a rectangle that tapers off into a triangle at the edge. Again, pictures will help immensely. Limit your sword's size to something you can actually carry!


  • If you need to work on a floor, go for large open areas, and cover the floors as well if you need to use paint or other materials that may cause damage to floors or walls. Newspaper should work just fine.
  • BE CAREFUL! With swords, with the creation process, and take your time. This is a complex cosplay and should be given the most amount of effort possible.
  • Unless it's a cosplay event or Halloween, avoid going out in public wearing this costume. People may stare, and some may even say hurtful things. Use common sense when becoming Cloud for a day or two.
  • Cloud's personality is calm and quiet. If you're going the whole nine yards, try to behave as he would. Don't try to get your hopes up, and reminisce about your past a lot. And talk about how you'll defeat Sephiroth!


  • The sword is not a toy. Don't threaten anyone, don't bring it to school. And BE CAREFUL with it around pets, expensive things, people, etcetera.
  • Try not to be too cold towards anyone. Be yourself, or be Cloud, but don't try too hard or people won't talk to you.

Things You'll Need

  • cardboard
  • wood
  • leather
  • tape
  • glue
  • turtleneck sweater
  • baggy pants
  • work boots or combat boots
  • gloves
  • metal or related material
  • paint (optional)
  • hair gel
  • hair dye (optional)
  • wig (optional)
  • time and patience

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