How to Cosplay As Captain Jack Sparrow

Ever wanted to be like Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series? Well here's the guide to all your wants and needs!


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    Imagine yourself as a legendary figure. The best way to consider yourself a legendary figure is to put yourself in situations where it is appropriate to behave in such a manner. This may sound absurd and the sort of situation nobody gets into in real life, but consider this: In the modern world there are people who lead exciting lives comparable to Jack Sparrow's. These modern adventurers are different from the domestic tourist. These modern day beatniks travel from port-to-port, town-to-town living on whatever they can get their hands on.
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    There are notable risks in taking this lifestyle as it is very possible you may end up a down-and-out, rather like Jack Sparrow in the beginning of The Curse of the Black Pearl. The best way to avoid ending up like this is to start with a good sum of money and to use it conservatively. If possible, trade for a profit before moving on. In smaller countries, where people have little money and can't afford replacements, if you've got skills in mending broken pots or pans you could do it for these people at a small, reasonable, price. If you stick with your Jack Sparrow lifestyle you will have countless tales of heroism to impress your friends.
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    Always think ahead. If you're planning on getting to another place and somebody wants your help, think of how you could get that person to help you in the future. A good way of doing this is considering who they associate with. How can these people benefit you? Consider their worth and plan ahead based on that.
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    Be persuasive. When getting someone to help you, explain your problem in a complex manner to make yourself sound more reliable! Flicking through a thesaurus every now and again can help you to achieve this if you don't have a particularly large vocabulary.
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    Never give away what side you're on. Just use the fact that nobody is sure as a way of getting what you want. This can become especially useful in normal life. However you should probably know (but not let anyone else know) where your loyalties lie, or at least know who your enemies are.
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    Talk like an Englishman. Talk like an old fashioned Englishman to improve your accent. Also, talk with slightly slurred speech.
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    Flirt. The more girls you can have, the better! Orlando Bloom and Jack Sparrow are known for their infamous flirting!
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    Walk in a slightly unbalanced manner. Use the vigorous gesticulating of the hands.


  • "Savvy" is a common word you should start using. In general terms it's meaning is that you are on to it mate... Savvy?
  • When sailing don't get too far away unless you've got your 'sea-legs'.
  • If you don't want to drink alcohol, drink a lot of Ginger Ale in a rum bottle.
  • Love freedom, trinkets and rum!
  • Don't have dangerous attitudes but do have 'danger-filled' adventures.
  • You should enter a 'lifestyle' that allows you to come upon trinkets which you can then keep as memorabilia of good, bad or important events in your life. The best kind of 'lifestyle' in which to find such trinkets is the aforementioned traveling rogue 'lifestyle'.
  • Always have your mates about you for protection.
  • Review the movies over and over. You'll understand his personality. But do not imitate him, add your own style to this personality, be creative.
  • Always wear bandanas and plenty of eye liner, but too much makeup will make you look like a girl.


  • Your parents may not agree with your personality/lifestyle - but remember: you are Capt'n Jack and the sea is always calling.
  • People may think you are strange if you do this, so don't do it in front of anyone if you want them to respect you. If you entertain the traveling rogue 'lifestyle' then there should be no problem finding other scalawags and/or individuals who are not perturbed by your odd behavior, some may be intrigued or infatuated but all will be savvy!
  • It is recommended that you do not drink alcohol to make you seem like Jack Sparrow. The ginger ale step above is most recommended.
  • Don't tell your friends to be your sailing crew if they don't want to, leave them alone because they might not want to be your friends anymore but if you drink rum... Who cares! Argh!

Things You'll Need

  • Pirate clothes, no capris, bandanas are OK.
  • A pouch of eyeliner.
  • A sarcastic way to walk and talk.
  • Drinks such as rum (ginger ale is OK, but don't let anyone be savvy!).
  • A little boat/dingy (optional).
  • An imp or parrot (optional).
  • A big boat/ship (not really optional).
  • A couple of friends/mates to be your sailing and pirating crew.
  • Pirate names for your mates.
  • A lot of girlfriends.
  • A compass.
  • A jar of dirt.
  • A peanut!

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