How to Cosplay as a South Park Character

If you like South Park, and you have always wanted to be one of the guys, this is for you!


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    Pick the character you want to imitate. To keep this article at a reasonable length, only the four main characters will be discussed. They are:
    • Eric Cartman
    • Kenny McCormick
    • Kyle Broflovski
    • Stan Marsh
    • If you want to imitate any of the other characters: the link to the full list can be found in Sources and Citations.
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    Check your wardrobe to see if there's anything you can use.
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    Go out and get the missing pieces. This is, of course, optional.
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    Adapt your hairstyle. If you want to appear bald, cover it with a rubber cap instead of shaving it off. Another option is to look up the character's hair color and hairstyle. With this research, you can buy a cosplay wig. This will make the cosplay more realistic, because the boys are not bald. However, if you are cosplaying Kyle, you could use a rubber cap because in the episode "Ginger Cow", Kyle shaves his hair off.
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    Practice the way your favorite character speaks and gestures. Watch any episode of South Park to get the hang of it, and practice in front of a mirror.


Eric Cartman

  1. Wears a light blue cap with a yellow pompom and a red over sized sweater.
  2. Is notorious for his foul mouth and his obesity. Although he claims not to be overweight, but "big boned".
  3. Is also very spoiled and racist. Usually Kyle is the target of his racist attacks, because he is Jewish.

Kenny McCormick

  1. Wears an orange parka, the hood pulled tight around his face. This makes his speech hard to understand.
  2. Dies in almost all episodes of the first five series of South Park, only to resurrect in the next episode.
  3. Is the most educated in sexual matters. He often explains sexual terms to the other kids.

Kyle Broflovski

  1. Wears a green ushanka and an orange jacket.
  2. Is very skeptical, neurotic, and foul mouthed.
  3. Takes pride in being Jewish.

Stan Marsh

  1. Wears a blue cap with a red pompom and a brown jacket.
  2. Is generally friendly but can be up to mean things.
  3. Stands out as the most normal of the four. He is relatively quiet and good at sports.


  • Remember: if you do shave your hair, it will take a long time to grow back!


  • Rude and disrespectful behavior towards authority figures (parents/ guardians/ teachers/ police...) will get you detentions and/or groundings. Or worse...
  • Racist behavior is punishable by law!

Things You'll Need

  • clothes
  • props
  • stuff to change your hairstyle
  • mirror
  • South Park episodes

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