How to Cosplay As a Sexy Cat Girl

Do you want a cute, unique costume to wear to a convention? A cat girl costume is extremely hot, and versatile, you can add your own touches to make it your own!


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    First of all, decide which con you want to go to, do this at least two months in advance, this gives you time to make hotel reservations, save up spending money, and money to buy what you need for your costume, and time to put it all together.
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    Your costume will look best if you make it from odds and end, look around at costume shops, and on websites that sell costumes.
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    Get some Ears. These are of course, essential to any cat girl costume, try to get them to match the color you want your costume to be, if you can't find them, a simple black or white fur (faux of course) is always a safe way to go. Try to get rather large cat ears, they look so much better. Do not attempt to try to make them yourself, I've been down this road before and it only stresses you out.
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    Get the type of top that goes with your dimensions. This can be a little tricky so read carefully. Crop tops (belly shirts) look awesome with a cat girl costume, try getting a metallic one in black, gold, or silver, but this only looks good if the top is a halter top with a metal ring holding the straps. You can also get a different crop top, animal prints are always gorgeous, also ones that look like a corset in the front are cute too. But no matter what kind of top you get make sure it is either strapless, haltered, spaghetti strapped, or long-sleeved. It looks bad if you're wearing a short- sleeve t-shirt like top.
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    Find some bottoms to match your look. If you want a skirt, make sure it is the right length. Here is a way to be sure: Stand up straight, and lay your arms flat against your sides and have someone else, make a pen mark on your thigh where the tip of your middle finger is, your skirt should be no longer than that. Get a skirt that matches the color of your top, but isn't identical to your top. For example if you have a solid pink top, don't get a solid pink skirt(or bottom), try to get a white, black or brown skirt, (depending on the color of your ears and accessories), and add cute pink accents, like ribbons, or maybe have someone sew a pink ruffle on the bottom for you, or you can even take a hot glue gun, and a feather boa from the kids section at any store and hot glue it around the bottom of your skirt, I've done this before and it looks adorable. And I would recommend getting a pleated skirt, they're much cuter with a cat costume. Shorts are another option, black patent leather will look the best if you plan on wearing shorts. This goes for any bottoms you wear, NO DENIM, it looks ridiculous with a cat girl costume.
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    Skip the tops and bottoms and go for a dress. Dresses can look amazing as well, if you plan on getting a dress, try not to get it in a solid color, this looks boring. Different colored tiger or leopard print is adorable. Your dress can be either pleated or straight, I would recommend getting a pleated one though, since it will make your waist look smaller. Another option is to go for a slinky, tight bodysuit or jumpsuit. These just look fabulous- the sexier the better.
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    Own the heels! Heels are a must, or high-heeled boots. No other shoes will look halfway decent. Your heels should be at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) tall, and should look great with your costume. Platform heels look the best and they're not nearly as uncomfortable as they look. Same goes for boots, if you plan on getting boots they should be knee-high or thigh-high, ones with a thick heel look the best and are the most comfortable since you don't have to struggle to keep your balance in them. If you want to take it to the next level, get some stripper heels! If you can't find a color to match your costume, go with either clear, black, or white. Gold ones look great too.
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    Accessorize: This is the fun part where you can be really adventurous! If you're not wearing boots and your wearing either a dress, skirt, or shorts, big fluffy leg warmers are a must! You can get them in a color to match your outfit or just get black or white. Fishnet thigh- high stockings look good no matter what you're wearing, they even look cute under your furry leg warmers, they can be the same color as your leg warmers or you can wear just black or white ones( NO BROWN), You should wear fishnet thigh highs with your costume no matter what, unless you're wearing thigh high boots, or short that aren't patent leather(and you shouldn't be wearing any other type of shorts anyway)
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    Wear some nice Jewelry. You may not think jewelry is important, but it is. It brings out the colors of your outfit. Big hoop earrings look great, try to get ones with rhinestones, they can either be regular rhinestones or they can match the color of your outfit, these are optional though, if big earrings hurt your ears, then you don't have to wear them. A choker is essential, I recommend getting a regular rhinestone one with at least 3 rows of rhinestones, these can be found at costume jewelry shops, formal dress shops/boutiques, or you can order one online, just remember, the more rows of rhinestones, the better. If you don't want that much sparkle, you can always go with a simple, solid colored cat collar that is made for humans. Just don't go to the pet supply store and buy one that is actually meant for an animal, it looks stupid once you get it on. Just don't buy a collar that has studs/spikes, they're ugly and can be potentially dangerous. If you want to wear bracelets, try some rhinestone bangles in colors that match your outfit, but don't wear any more than 5.
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    Make sure your makeup matches. Buy some good quality foundation and mascara from a professional makeup counter or from Sephora. This is pricier than drugstore makeup but well worth it, if you don't want broken out skin and running mascara.You need to get some fake lashes, you can get these anywhere you like, just make sure that they're not too long or thick, or else you'll end up looking like a drag queen. Clinique is a good brand, and isn't overly expensive have the representative help you find the right foundation for your skin type and tone, have her try different ones on you to see which looks the best. For mascara, as long as it is department store quality, its fine. Now to apply your makeup, (make sure your face is clean)Start with applying your foundation, then take some black liquid eyeliner and create a thick line over each of your top lids, practice making a dramatic cat eye effect with your eyeliner(also called "winged" eyeliner) try to make the "wing" on each eye no more than half an inch long. Now have your mom or a friend help you put your fake lashes on, make sure they're securely glued. Now take a black eyeliner retractable pencil and line the inside of your bottom lash line, make it slightly thick. Now take your mascara and apply a few coats to your fake lashes, and put a very small amount on your bottom lashes. For your eyeshadow, you need to use black, brown, or gold and create the "butterfly effect". Eyeshadow is optional, but it is a very nice touch. If you have light eyebrows fill them in with a light brown brow pencil. For your lips, all you need is a clear or light pink gloss and a little skin colored lip liner.Finally, brush a powder the same color as your foundation, over your face, this gives you a perfect matte look.
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    Get your nails professionally done. They are much more durable and you don't have to worry about them popping off, like press ons do and more often than not, they look much better than if you try to do them yourself. If you plan on getting them done professionally, ask to have the tips 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 1 1/2 long. Tell them you want the tips square. You can either have the tips painted or have your whole nail painted, that's your choice, just make sure the color will match your costume. If you want get a cute design, like zebra stripes. White nails with colored zebra stripes look awesome. If you have the money, get your toes painted to match if you're going to be wearing open toed shoes.
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    Finish off with your hair. Your hair doesn't have to be any particular color, long, straight hair looks best with a cat girl costume, but really anything goes. If you want to, you can put a few highlights of the color of your outfit in your hair. Just make sure that it is only temporary.


  • If you plan on wearing something mentioned in the article, that you're not quite comfortable with wearing right now, work out as much as you can, do at least 100 crunches a day so you'll have a flat stomach. You want to feel beautiful and confident in your costume.
  • Carry a rather large-ish purse with your important things in it, and put anything in there that you might need for "costume malfunctions" Such as: eyelash glue, makeup, nail glue(if you did them yourself), safety pins, etc.
  • It's a good idea to use teeth whitener, as soon as possible before the con. People will probably want to take pictures with you, so you want a white smile right?
  • If you want to, lay in the tanning bed at least once every 2 days before the con, a tan is very slimming.
  • If you're going to wear a crop top and have a pierced belly button, buy a belly ring to match your outfit
  • If heels really hurt your feet, bring a pair of flats or flip-flops in your bag in case your feet start to become very painful.


  • If you do this, you'll probably get a lot of attention from guys, most of it will probably be good and harmless. But if you think you're being harassed go straight to a security guard.
  • You can wear a tail if you like but be warned they make it extremely difficult to sit down.
  • If you wear this, you may get called a slut or other nasty name by other girls, don't get all mad and infuriated. If you get called anything like that, just laugh and tell them not be jealous.

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