How to Cosplay Angelica from Rugrats

Angelica Pickles is a cartoon character who first appeared in the Rugrats series over ten years ago. Since then, her character has been in two different cartoons, grown from three to thirteen, and has even been featured in magazines like Time as one of TV's 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters. Angelica Pickles as seen in Rugrats can be a tricky look to achieve and pull off, but with a bit of help you'll be ready to show your new look off!


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    Bleach and blonde your hair. Since you want to keep a bit of the cartoon-y charm Angelica has, try using a vivid gold filler in bleached hair. "Electric Sunshine" in hair that has been bleached to a golden color is perfect.
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    Put your hair into two high pigtails. Tie them with small purple bows.
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    Wear makeup that is undetectable. Keep it minimalistic, and stick to things that make you look younger. This should involve a bit of foundation to even our your skin tone (toddlers don't usually have zits) and perhaps natural looking false eyelashes.
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    Assemble your outfit. Angelica's style and outfit, like most cartoon characters, is constant throughout the show. It is essential that you try not to deviate from the outfit, since this is a key part to playing Angelica well. The key pieces you need include:
    • Red Shirt. Although is great if it has fine black stripes and flared cuffs, the main look can be achieved by wearing an orange, long-sleeved shirt.
    • Purple Dress. Your dress should hit at or slightly above the knee. Angelica's dress is slightly flared, but the vivid purple hue is most remembered.
    • Blue Tights. Your tights should be full length and royal blue in color. Create the green dots on them with lime green paint to make them really authentic looking.
    • Red Socks. Buy them a bit long so you can fold them over a few times. Even after rolling them over a bit, there should still be an inch of sock above your shoes.
    • Indigo Shoes. White Keds or a similar white shoe can be painted to match the purple in your dress. This will help you tie the entire look together.
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    Speak and act with an air of authority. Angelica likes to taunt the babies, and tends to act like a princess. Use her loud personality to your advantage while cosplaying, since this is one of her key features. also act like a TOTAL princess. She's a brat so don't be afraid to be loud and proud!
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    Carry around a mangled doll, and refer to it as Cynthia. Make sure that Cynthia wears an orange dress with pink horizontal stripes. A barbie will work. Refer to pictures for ideas on how to make it look like the real thing, but don't go overboard. The doll shouldn't detract too much from the real star - you.

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