How to Cope With Your Hair

A lot of people hate their hair. People with curls want to get rid of them and others with straight hair have to spend hours and hours trying to curl it up a bit. There are many reasons why a person may hate his or her hair: a bad haircut, too oily/dry, unhealthy looking hair, doesn’t like its color, etc. If you’re tired of spending every morning in front of the mirror and the thought of shaving your head bald has crossed your mind at least a couple of times already, try any of the following:


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    On days when your hair annoys you the most, make a ponytail or use pretty pins, scrunches, etc. You won’t be thinking about your hair every second if you can’t feel it rubbing on your neck all the time.
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    Sometimes it helps to wash your hair before going on a date or to an important meeting (most people agree that their hair looks better when it’s freshly shampooed). Perhaps you’re the opposite and you like your hair better when it’s been several days since it’s been wet- try planning ahead and not touching your hair on Day X.
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    Don’t be afraid to use natural herbs! They are the best source of vitamins and will definitely help your hair look healthier. You can buy certain herbs at a local market or Natural Food store depending on what type of hair you have:
    • If you have oily hair use burdock root, oak leaf or nettle leaf: pour one cup of boiling water over one tablespoon of herbs and leave for an hour, then filter thought the strainer and spray on your hair when you get out of the shower (you may also just pour it on your hair in the shower but then don’t rinse it with water after you’ve done so)
    • Any sort of natural oil is good for dry hair (burdock oil, lavender oil, etc.) – put it on your head (you don’t even need to spread it all over your hair; just cover the roots), wrap a towel around it and wash it off in an hour.
    • Normal hair doesn’t require any special treatment but you can help keeping it healthy by spraying chamomile extract or calendula extract on it after you take a shower.
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    Try changing your hair color – the same haircut may look better if you have bright red, crazy looking hair instead of boring dark/white. Again, you don’t have to pay money to go to a hair salon – ask your friend to help you with it and both of you will have fun doing it!
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    Wear interesting jewelry to attract attention to your neck or your ears instead of your hair.
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    Don’t be afraid to experiment with your make-up; your hair may look much better with a different color lipstick or eye shadows. It sounds silly but it actually works!
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    Wear a hat. You would be surprised how many different things you can wear on your head to hide the hair you don’t like on a particular morning: caps, cowboy hats, bandannas, scarves, even fur hats and kerchiefs (who said you can’t be a little crazy sometimes?!)
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    Did you see a wonderful haircut in a magazine and decide to get exactly the same one? Don’t forget that depending on the shape of your face you may not look good with a certain hairstyle- make sure it will complement your features.
    • There are several face shapes: oval, round, oblong, heart, square, diamond. Next time you’re ready to experiment with your hair make sure the haircut you like will look good on you
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    Change your style. Maybe your long curls would look better with a dress and high heels instead of your regular pair of jeans and flip-flops. It’s amazing how often we think about our hair as a separate thing not attached to our body, but we have to remember that when a person is looking at us, he/she usually judges the whole picture and not just the hair!


  • When experimenting with your hairstyle try doing it online first - there are many computer programs where you can load up your picture and see if you like yourself with a new haircut.


  • Be sure to carefully consider any decisions you might make about changing your hairstyle- changes might not be permanent, but hasty decisions can make a bad situation worse!

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