How to Cope With Test Anxiety

It's that day again. The day of a huge test/exam and you are scared. Your heart is racing and your palms are sweaty. You're thinking of all the possibilities that can possibly go wrong with this test. Don't fret because this article will help you deal with test anxiety and how to defeat it.


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    Make sure you know the date of the test. You can always ask your teacher when the test will happen. Knowing this will give you time to prepare and study your notes. You should also ask your teacher what subjects the test will be covering so you know what to study. Though, this step is optional when having a pop quiz.
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    Be prepared. The best thing that you can do is to arrive at the test/exam prepared. Bring everything that you will need (i.e pencils, extra paper, pens, erasers, white out, etc.)
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    Study. Something that always causes test anxiety is not studying. Once you arrive at the test, you will realize that you don't remember anything that you have done. Study at least 3 days before the test, but keep in mind that you will likely need to start studying months in advance if you are preparing to take a very large test.
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    Don't sweat it. Remember, look over your notes carefully. You might have missed something that could be on the test. Another fun way is to study with a friend. A friend can always help you memorize your notes. You can also use a highlighter to help you memorize the important facts.
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    Find your ritual. Having a lot of stress can make you distracted. Every time that you have a test, find something that you like to do before the test to keep you calm. This could be singing, yoga, deep breathing, praying (if you follow a religion), and so on. It will keep you calm and focused.
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    Calm yourself with deep breathing. Close your eyes and inhale for 4 seconds, hold it for 6 seconds, and then exhale for another 4 seconds. Repeat three times. It will give you more focus and calm you down.
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    Stay positive. Don't go into the test thinking that you will fail. Be optimistic.
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    The big mistake many people make is to rush! When you rush you won't be able to look at the questions carefully, you might even read some questions wrong! Be careful. Put all your effort into it and try your best. For word problems try to show your work. The end result might be wrong but if you show your process you might still get points. It's not always about the right answer.
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    You might only have a certain amount of time for the test. You shouldn't rush but remember to watch the clock so you finish it!
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    When you're done the test look it over. Have you missed something? Made a mistake? Make sure to fix those when you're done.
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    Do what you love most, any artistic or physical activity. Singing or playing an instrument, or even going for a jog! This helps keep your calm and allows you to have some fun while studying.


  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Always get lots of sleep before the test.
  • Read all questions carefully.
  • Even if a question is hard, don't be worried. It's easy to get frustrated. The more frustrated you are the harder the test will seem.
  • Have a sharp pencil!. It's often hard to read writing when the pencil is blunt and flat. Sharp pencils also come in handy for geometry tests because they're accurate and exact.
  • Chew peppermint gum if you are allowed to. Studies show that children who chew gum during a test get higher scores. (
  • Don't panic! If you come across a hard question, take a deep breath, try to solve it and move on. Don't waste your time on one particular question because you may not have time for the others
  • What many people forget...write your name!


  • Bring ALL your own supplies. You don't want to go around asking people for pencils; that will be distracting to others.

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