How to Cope with Having a Second Set of Twins

Four Parts:Facing the RealityInforming OthersCaring for YourselfHandling Life After Birth

You have decided to have another baby. Lo and behold you find out it's twins again! EEEEKKK! One set of twins is stressful, but two? It may seem difficult, but it is possible to survive two sets of twins.

Part 1
Facing the Reality

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    If you're expecting twins and you've already got twins, it's scary and exciting at once. You might feel really bowled over and worried but remember it has been accomplished by women for as long as women have been having children. From the times with no proper medical care or knowledge for pregnant women, to third world countries and women having babies in the middle of their workplace, some women have been having a second set of twins all around the world. Times have changed thank goodness, and medical care has evolved. Your first step after you have confirmed with your doctor that it is twins is to take a day to let it all sink in before you tell the world.
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    Feel very blessed. This isn't something that everybody gets to do once, let alone twice! Most likely you have kept a lot of baby stuff you can reuse. If not, don't run out and spend your money on a whole bunch of stuff. People are going to feel sorry for you in the sense of the expense of buying everything all over again. You will more than likely get lots of gifts!

Part 2
Informing Others

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    Be sure to call family immediately. This news is going to travel fast!
    • Decide when you wish to tell family. Many women wait for three months to ensure that the babies are healthy, and if you have any history of particular issues, even longer can be appropriate. However, you will need to balance this with how soon you're likely to show.
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    Be prepared for lots of attention. Well deserved attention, as you are caring for an two extra lives inside you and you've already had twins, so people will be super curious.

Part 3
Caring for Yourself

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    Try to make all of your checkup sessions. Your doctor will advise you of an appropriate meeting regime. With this pregnancy, if you have any odd pains or weird feelings, get checked out right away. Your poor uterus was stretched to maximum capacity the first time around. Now it is going to go through this again and you want to be careful that no problems will arise.
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    Take extra care of yourself. Get some exercise, such as light walking but never overdue it. The last thing you want is to be on bed rest! Pay attention to your body. If something hurts unusually or just doesn't feel right, get it checked out.
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    Get some help with your existing twins. You will need to rest often, to preserve your energy and to be ready for giving birth when it's close to time. Ask family and friends if they can babysit a few times a week, to give you a good break.
    • Now is a good time to also ask who is prepared to help after the birth; after all, double sets of twins means a lot more than double the work. You need all the help you can get.
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    Prepare a birth plan. Be realistic about the options and let everyone caring for you know that you have a plan.
    • If it turns out you have to have C-section this time, or perhaps you had one the first time as well, it's not the end of the world. Remember how busy you were the first time around? Take the help once again––maybe even more so this time! You already are super mom so keep it that way and don't wear yourself out so badly that the whole experience is not enjoyable.

Part 4
Handling Life After Birth

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    Be prepared to experience a range of emotions after the birth. You know exactly what to expect this time around but it's still perfectly okay to feel even more emotional because let's face it, you remember clearly what it was like the first time! It will be somewhat the same the second time, only more exhausting because now two more makes four!
    • When your two bundles arrive, you will feel extremely emotional and proud. When you get home, this can quickly turn to feeling extremely overwhelmed. If people offer help,take it! Don't let your pride get in the way and think "I can do this all myself". It will be less exhausting for you if you accept help.
    • Your first year will be a blur and by far the most exhausting. Once again, take any help you can get!
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    Enjoy every moment you can. Remember that the tough days turn into a new day and it will be completely different.


  • If you choose to find out the genders (which many find very helpful in planning for the arrival of these two bundles) start planning everything you will need times two. Now in saying that, don't get carried with the times two thing. Some people feel they need absolutely two of everything. The babies will share a lot of things such as toys, bathtub, potty, even a crib for the first couple of months.
  • Try to keep a journal. Even just a few words every night at bedtime about your day, what they are doing at that point, funny moments, etc. You will be so busy that these times will be hard to remember as the years go on. But after that first year the time seems to fly by and before you know it, you are watching your first set walking up to graduate.

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