How to Cope with Feeling Replaced

People who step into your life are constantly changing, just as you are too. In some cases, there comes a point when you have to accept the fact that nothing lasts forever, except memories. It may be a friend, a close colleague or a person you consider special, but whatever the source, that sense of being replaced can cause you to feel anguish and sadness. Coping with this loss, deprivation of feeling of being shifted aside isn't easy but it is an essential part of ensuring that you come through it whole and mended.


  1. 1
    Talk to the person. Sometimes you are not being replaced; instead, there's just a misunderstanding or your friend is just going through a new phase in life. Talking clarifies everything.
  2. 2
    Give your friend space. You and your friend may need to take some time to think and take a break from talking to each other. Gaining some perspective may make it easier when you talk again; sometimes a short break can make everything new and fine again.
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    Find a hobby. Doing something that you love will allow you to explore yourself and keep you from the feeling of being replaced.
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    Refrain from over thinking. Trying to figure out why you're being replace and evaluating your personality and actions will keep you away from happiness. Sometimes people just close a chapter in their lives to begin a brand new one based on their own inner changes.
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    Be yourself. Don't change because of the feeling of being replaced. Also remember that every person closes chapters in their lives and replaces people for one reason or another. It would be unrealistic to expect this change to never occur or to exempt yourself from making use of it at any stage in your life. If you change, change for yourself to be great and to learn from this experience.
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    Find new friends. Go outdoors, meet new friends just like you met the old ones.


  • Some people come as blessings and some come as lessons. If some was a lesson in your life, embrace what you've learned and be wiser for it.
  • Time is a good healer.

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