How to Cope With Biastophilia

Biastophilia is the sexual fetish that is met by raping another person. This is caused by a desire to have sexual dominance over another person. Biastophilia is typically only satisfiable by rape, not by Bondage or BDSM. This is because the biastophiliac knows that the other party is consenting and this does not meet their requirements of total control. If you're trying to cope with this paraphilia, the first step is to understand that experiencing this fetish does not mean you have to act on it. Staying safe and keeping all your sexual acts consensual should be paramount.


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    Seek help if you have any desire to act on the fetish. It's important to work with a therapist who is experienced with biastophilia and equipped to help you create coping mechanisms, immediately. Your number one concern should be seeking someone who understands the paraphilia, can work openly and honestly with you, and can help you keep all your sexual acts safe and consensual.
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    Understand what biastophilia is. Being a biastophiliac does not mean you have committed a rape. It means you have a desire to commit a rape. Even if rape is not the word that you would use, know that wanting to forcibly have sex with another human being of either gender (independent of your own) is a rape.
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    Identify with biastophilia. Know that, even if you do have urges to rape someone, it does not mean you will or have to. Know that, even because you do want to rape someone, that it does not make you a bad person. Considering that 1 in 6 women are raped globally during their lifetimes, the biastophiliac is not alone. This ratio does not include men that are biastophiliac yet restrain themselves from going out and raping others.
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    Sympathize with the victim. One of the key motives of rape is sexual objectification. Meaning, the person you are having sex with is not your "sexual partner," rather an object to be used by you to gain sexual gratification. If you can sympathize with the group you lust after, see them as human beings with equally complex emotions and histories with families and friends, you will find it much more difficult to actually want to do anything to them. Understand that these people have pain and that rape is humiliating and life-changing. People who are rape survivors never behave the same again, or at least for very long periods of their life in which they cope with losing their control over their life.
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    Find outlets.
    • Bondage, BDSM, and fake-rape porn may seem like jokes, but to find a partner interested in these kinds of things will bring you a lot of happiness and a significant ability to cope with them. There are websites available that try to help like-minded partners come together. A surprising number of women are interested in BDSM and rape play. Although it is not advised you ask a woman on a first date if she's into any of this, functional couples are very willing to try these kinds of things at some point.
    • Hentai, or drawn pornography (especially from Japan), have a lot of rape in them. Depending on the artist, the facial expressions can be very genuine and tap into and ultimately satisfy the biastophiliac side. This is different from Snuff films as it's not only legal, but there are no injured parties -- the victim is entirely fictional.


  • Don't go out and actually rape someone. This includes going to town on someone who is "obviously asking for it."
  • Do not hate yourself. Rapists typically have low self-confidence to begin with, and beating yourself up for being a biastophiliac will only make things worse.

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