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Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes these mistakes lead you to get grounded by your parents. You can cope with being grounded by thinking about what you've done, showing your parents extra respect, and making the most of your time spent at home. Most importantly, you can learn from your mistakes so you can move forward and never get grounded again.


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    Your parents are going to care about a sudden switch in behavior, and possibly punish you more. Consider waiting in your room for 20 minutes or so, then go out and talk to them. They should be more calm at that point.
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    Understand what you did wrong. The whole point of being grounded is so that you learn a lesson. Your parents will be a little more lenient with you if you acknowledge that you did something wrong. Admit that you did something wrong (even if it's hard), apologize and accept your punishment.
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    Do not cheat your punishment. If you are grounded from the phone for a week, don't sneak on when your parents are gone. You're not going to learn anything, and your parents might double your grounding if they find out. Also, you will lose their trust, which has longer lasting effects then simply being grounded.
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    Be especially conscious of not screwing up while grounded. The last thing you want is to be caught doing something wrong when you're already in the doghouse. If you usually have to be told to take out the trash, do so without being asked. Increased responsibility during punishment pleases many parents.
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    Always show respect. While you may be really mad at your mom for unfairly taking away your computer, remember that giving them attitude and talking back is not going to do you any good. They may say provoking comments that make you want to snap, but don't. If they are giving you the silent treatment, accept it and find something else to do.
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    Find something else to do! If you are used to spending all day online listening to Paramore on Facebook, and your parents have taken away your computer, discover a new hobby, even if only temporarily. Read a book, organize your room, daydream, make a list of things you love/hate, try doing something fun/wacky with your hair. Being grounded doesn't mean you have to be bored.
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    Use this punishment to avoid the next. If your parents ground you for a week and you absolutely must accept it, then go through it. When the punishment is up, don't run out of the house. This just lets your parents know that they know how to punish you.


  • Remember that your parents still love you a lot, and they are only trying to do what's best for you.
  • Of course, a week without a phone is never fun. If you have a long day, it will be even longer. Try to do some things that make you forget for some time about the grounding, or things that pass time.


  • Do not be sarcastic or rude in any of your apologies just to defend yourself or prove a point; this will not get you what you want.

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