How to Cope After Getting Blocked on wikiHow

Were you recently blocked from contributing to wikiHow? If that is the case, this article will tell you how to cope with getting blocked and be a better contributor.


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    Understand the reason behind the block being levied on you. An Administrator will specify a reason when they block you. Read it and understand your mistake.
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    Rectify your mistake. You will not get blocked on wikiHow unnecessarily. There must be a valid reason for the block being placed on you..
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    Don't be embarrassed. Editing on wikiHow is a learning process, and we all learn as we go along.
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    Don't let the block affect your personal life. Don't feel sad.
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    Don't take the block personally.
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    Let go of any feelings of anger, hurt or a lust for revenge. Such feelings will hurt you and you alone.
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    Respect the decision and accept it.
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    If you think that you edited in good faith and have been blocked for no reason, then send an email to "".
    • Include your user name in the email.
    • Prove that you were editing in "good faith" or else, your plea will likely get rejected.
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    Understand that you are likely to get blocked according to COPPA law if you are under 13.
    • If you would still like to keep contributing on wikiHow, despite the fact that you are under age, then you must get your parents to fill out the Parental Permission Form.
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    Do not spam pages anonymously to assuage your feeling of revenge. It will do no good and may only result in extension of your block period. Another block might also be levied on you.
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    Don't leave hate messages on the administrator's talk page who blocked you. That will only lead to another block.
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    Read the wikiHow policies. They help you understand wikiHow better.
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    Take the wikiHow tour and read the Writer's Guide.
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    Find other ways to entertain yourself online (other than wikiHow).
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    Remember that you were blocked so that you could learn something from it. Take it as a lesson, not a punishment.
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    For the duration of the block, try to explore wikiHow and read articles. This will develop your writing and editing skills.
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    Try to read other wikiHow articles to understand their formatting and what wikiHow's aims are. Understand what wikiHow is not.


  • Learn from your mistake(s) and try not to repeat them.
  • Assume good faith.
  • Have patience.


  • Do not send hate messages to someone in avenge.
  • Do not spam or curse the administrator who blocked you..
  • Do not force or trick your parents to fill out the COPPA form if they are not in agreement.
    • You can wait until you are 13 instead.
  • Do not vandalize pages to assuage your feeling of anger.
  • Do not impersonate another wikiHow user.

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