How to Cope After a Fight or a Break Up

It gets better after having fight or a break up. No matter how long the relationship was or the how long the argument lasted, in the end it does get better. Every human being has a different way of coping with such situations. Some try to get back together and work on their relationships, some leave and try to move on. Every aspect of coping is to take that pain away that was caused in the first place, no matter how one does it.


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    Select a time period. For any stressful situation, one needs to choose as to how long you are willing to brood over a fight and break up. Every individual is allowed to brood after a fight and mourn over the end of a relationship, however they do not know when to get over this mourning period. Select a time period, it can be a week, one month, a few months, but one needs to make sure that by the end of that time period, they will start over a new leaf.
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    Take the next step. It can be difficult to take the next step but, there is no easier way to do it than taking the leap of faith. A fight/argument/ break up always has a reason. Some people get closure by knowing the reason, but some don't.
    • If during your brooding/mourning period your ex or your partner comes back to solve the issues you may have in your relationship, then give it a go. Do sit down and listen to what the partner has to say and if the conversation comes up with a solution that works for both, then go for it.
    • Couples who get cheated on by their spouses, should avoid getting back to their partners, however not everyone is the same. Some of these spouses have learned their lessons and have not cheated ever since. Spouses who decide to move on can start by improvising on themselves.
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    Pay attention to yourself. Often people tend to become what their partner wants them to be. This can lead to sacrificing ones self-esteem and the things you like to do in your spare time. Revolving your life around your loved ones is not always healthy for the person themselves. Simply start by doing things that you would do on your spare time. It could range from sports, art, music, dancing, to spending quality time with your friends. Once you get in the habit of doing your own things, your confidence will start coming back. This will in turn lead you to begin your next relationship
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    Find yourself. Get your thoughts straight. "I don't know" is not a real answer to any "yes" or "no" question. Learn to accept this statement. Often relationships don't work out as spouses are unsure of what they really want and this often begins as to who are they as a person.
    • Find out what are your strongest personality points and work on those."I am a strong willed person" When you say this to someone, you are saying that I am not a person who gets influenced by anyone and "that if I believe in something strongly"," I will get/achieve it "or "I follow through it". Finding out who you are as a person brings out the confidence that you may have lost after a break up/fight.
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    Let it go. When you accept the worst, your mind becomes clear and you are relieved. Your mind will become clear and fresh. It's easier to breathe when you don't worry about your break up every minute of your life. Do not have regrets about what was done. Just let it be as it is.


  • Stick to what you believe in. Work on your relationships, but make sure you are working on yourself as well.
  • Every process takes time, if you think none of the above steps are helping your break up situation, it is advisable to seek counseling by a professional.
  • Stay away from alcohol, drugs and smoking as they do not fix situations in any way.

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