How to Coordinate a Family Reunion

If you’ve decided to take the reins and plan a family reunion this year, here are some simple steps to help you get started and to ensure that your gathering is a raging success.


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    Create the guest list. Think about how big you want your event to be. It can range from immediate family (parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren), or extended family from far and wide.
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    Solicit some help and form a planning committee. Committee members can help with creating invitations, collecting RSVP's, coordinating food, finding a location, contacting relatives, and any of the other many tasks involved.
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    Choose the location, date and time.
    • When choosing a location, consider whether you'd like an indoor or outdoor event, how large a venue you'll need, and whether or not you'll require nearby lodging for folks traveling in from out of town.
    • When considering the date, consider school breaks as well as when most people are most likely to be able to attend.
    • You might find it useful to survey some family members to get some consensus on location, date, and time.
    • Once you've selected a date, send out a "save the date" announcement.
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    Determine your budget. When setting a budget, think about what the majority of your family members are willing to spend on such an event. A poll or survey can be useful for this.
    • You can use online invitation services (or email) to save money on postage and printing costs.
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    Plan the food. Consider how many days your event will span. Consider expenses when deciding whether to have your event catered, arrange discounted group meals (or fixed price dinners) at nearby restaurants, or make it a potluck.
    • If you decide to go with a potluck or picnic, have each family state what they plan to bring to ensure that there is a good variety of food for everyone to enjoy.
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    Create some memories.
    • You can rent an LCD projector and showcase family photos, candids taken at the event, key memories, etc.
    • If you create a photo montage, print DVD copies of it and provide one to each attending family. These are memories to last a lifetime!


  • If you survey family members to get input, only provide 2-3 options, otherwise, you won't get a good idea of what's most desirable.

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