How to Cook Millet

Three Methods:Choose the Millet GrainsPrepare the Millet for CookingCook Millet

Millet is a whole grain comprised of small yellow round seed. Overall, its appearance looks similar to birdseed. Most grocery and health food stores sell millet, and it serves as an alternative to cooking rice. Millet comes with a nutty flavor, and the grain provides the benefits of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus and manganese. Learn how to cook millet as a side dish, as a dessert ingredient or even as a breakfast cereal.

Method 1
Choose the Millet Grains

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    Buy hulled millet from a grocery or specialty store. Most stores sell up to 1 lb (or 16 oz) packages. Choose organic millet, if available, to gain more nutrients and to avoid potential exposure to pesticides.
    • You can find boxes or bags of millet in the rice and grains section of the store, or bag your own from a barrel or container in the bulk section.
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    Smell the millet to ensure its freshness. Avoid millet that appears or smells musty or moldy.
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    Place the container of millet in a cool, dry area in your kitchen until you are ready to use it. Seal the container tightly so the millet maintains freshness.

Method 2
Prepare the Millet for Cooking

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    Add at least 1 cup (approximately 236 mL) of millet into a colander. Find a colander with small holes or one designed for use with rice and grains.
    • The amount of millet you will need may vary depending on the recipe you choose to follow.
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    Rinse the millet under cool running water to remove dirt and debris. Keep rinsing as needed until the water appears clear rather than cloudy.
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    Toast the millet grains in a dry pan or skillet. Stir consistently for approximately 4 minutes.
    • Toasting the millet enhances its flavor and produces a nutty aroma. Stir the grains in the pan often to keep them from burning.

Method 3
Cook Millet

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    Add approximately 2 cups (approximately 473 mL) of water to the millet in a large pan or skillet. Alternatively, transfer the millet into a pot and then add at least 2 cups (or 473 mL) of water.
    • Again, the amount of water and millet may vary depending on the recipe.
    • You may also use broth or chicken stock instead of water to add flavor.
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    Stir the millet and allow it to boil at medium-high heat.
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    Lower the heat once the water boils. Cover the skillet or pot to allow the millet to cook. Keep the lid on for at least 20 minutes.
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    Check the status of the millet to see whether it has absorbed the water.
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    Remove the pan or pot of millet from the heat. Leave it covered and undisturbed for an additional 5 minutes.
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    Prepare the cooked millet by fluffing with a fork. Serve the millet as a side dish or as part of a recipe.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 bag, box or container of millet
  • Colander
  • Water
  • Pan or skillet

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