How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Become a Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian as a minor is something that you may need to get your parents' okay on. This article has a rough sketch guideline on how to convince your parents.


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    Brainstorm. Find the reasons why you are doing this. Some good ones are as follows. Explaining the impact of each of these to your parents can help greatly.
    • Environment- The cows and livestock take up so much space in America that they are tearing down forests to hoard them. They have masses of animals who's wastes are dumped anywhere.
    • Animals- The animals are tortured from the start of their lives. As a calf, they are ripped away from their mothers and killed for meat, or kept to be a milk cow.
    • Morals- Animals are injected with a 'rape gun' without any consent(obviously).
    • Your Health- Fat from meat can clog up arteries. You won't get high cholesterol with an animal free diet.
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    Create an Elegant Speech. You don't have to have it completely memorized, as that may sound fake, but have everything in your knowledge. Save some things for if they ask you questions.
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    Research. Find out about nutrition. Impress your parents with your knowledge of what you would have to eat to 'make up' for meat. And remind them of all those vegetarian athletes out there.
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    Look Up. Search for some recipes. Print them out or bookmark them so your parents see how responsible you are. If you have the money, go take a cooking class!
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    Approach. Get them on a good day. Good days are a number of things!
    • Payday.
    • When they get a new client.
    • If they won something.
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    Sit them Down. Ask them to sit down with you to have a mature discussion. Recite your speech (avoid index cards!) to them and observe how they react. If they seem stressed, find ways to reassure them.
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    React. If they say no, read below. If they say yes, you won! Cook up some of those yummy recipes.
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    Say what? If they say no, ask why. Don't whine, "But why?". You must show them you are mature enough to handle this.
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    Be True to You. If they really refuse to allow you to do this, and you really want to, do it. If you really do want to become a vegetarian or vegan, you shouldn't let them stand in the way of your moral decisions. Ask them if they wouldn't allow you to be a different religion, or date someone of a different race. This is along the same lines, and they should respect your decisions!


  • Remember, don't ever let anyone stand in the way of your morals.
  • Be mature!
  • Offer to cook your own meals
  • Be nice and considerate of your parents side of the story.
  • Offer to help pay for any extra food.
  • If you have to, bring this up. If you became terminally ill tomorrow, you would have never been able to enjoy the veg way of life. So don't be afraid.

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