wikiHow to Convince Your Parents to Give You More Freedom

Teenagers are often ready for more freedom far sooner than their parents are ready to give it to them. It could be that your parents don't believe you can handle it, that you don't deserve it, or they may simply be uncomfortable with the idea of you growing up. Whatever the reason, you'll have to do a little convincing...


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    Gain their trust. Always be home when you're supposed to be. Take care of your chores without being asked. Make sure your homework is done and your grades are good. Your parents are much more likely to give you freedom if they can trust you to respect their rules.
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    Be mature. Freedom is about being mature and responsible enough to take care of yourself. Prove that you are mature by accepting your current conditions. You can vocalize your feelings, but avoid fighting with your parents.
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    Avoid dangerous behavior and reckless people. It will be much harder for your parents to trust you if you're drinking, partying a lot, and hanging out with the 'wrong crowd.' If your parents don't like the way your friends look or dress, bring your friends home so your parents can see how awesome and nice they are.
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    Connect with your parents. Let them know what's going on in your life, what your interests are, and what you find important. Ask them for advice. They'll be more inclined to see things your way if they understand your perspective as a person.
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    Prepare your statement. If you want more freedom, you'll need to broach the subject in a mature and calm manner. You'll need to touch on several key points, so your parents can see how serious you are and how much you've considered their point of view. Make notes for yourself, so you don't forget to touch on every point (they're all important!)
    1. Identify which freedoms you'd like i.e. a later curfew, permission to borrow the car, more computer time, permission to go to a concert, etc
    2. Give them a few examples of things you've done recently that prove that you are trustworthy and dependable. Perhaps you get decent grades consistently, do your chores without complaints, or you are always home on time.
    3. You might like to make a deal, for instance you could propose that you'll maintain a certain GPA if you're given an hour later curfew. Your parents may be more comfortable giving you extra freedom if they know you'll be working hard to keep it. If you don't have any ideas, ask them what you can do to gain the freedom you'd like.
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    Remain calm. If your parents are not immediately on board, accept this decision. Becoming angry or upset will only prove to them that you are not yet mature enough to handle additional freedom. Continue your good behavior. Now that they know how you feel, they may take more notice and give you your freedom on their own.
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    If they say no, start back at Step One, and talk to them again in a month. Eventually they'll see how hard you're working and reward your efforts.


  • Avoid acting bratty and fighting with your siblings. This kind of behavior will make you look immature.
  • Be polite to the adults around you when your parents are around.
  • Be helpful around the house.
  • It really surprises parents when they come home to a clean house and they didn't ask you to do anything.
  • Don't be rebellious to get attention. This will only make your parents fearful of what you might do if you had more freedom.
  • If your parents don't go for it then wait and bring it up again or compromise if its as simple as walking to school by yourself and they are worried about you getting kidnapped then offer to take self defense classes or carry pepper spray but don't go overboard with tasers or anything like that or even easier walk half the way to school with them and halfway by your self this works up to three fourths with them or if it is really far to school ask to ride the bus some days of the week and some days take their ride to school but either way try to minimize the amount of time with them every few months but remember to spend with your parents so they don't get the wrong idea that you are embarrassed by them.
  • If your parents think you are too young for the freedom, show them what you will do for more freedom. Younger children wouldn't care, and would just wait. So show your parents what you are willing to do to get the freedom. Doing such things as this can really help.
  • The worst thing you can do is argue with them because it will make them snap back.

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