How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Hamster

Are you set on getting a pet hamster? Convincing your parents to get you one shouldn't be too hard once they know that hamsters make perfect pets. They don't need much space, they don't cost too much, and they don't shed on the couch. After researching hamsters and making your case, your parents should get on board without too much trouble. But with some parents that really don't want any pets in the house write a persuasive writing piece on why you should get a hamster if that's still not believable try making a deal with them. Sometimes you might have to keep asking for one until they give into the idea. Give them a reason on getting a hamster show them that you are responsible enough. It might take a while, but if you try hard enough it just might happen. Your parents would also like it if you paid for it. It's not too hard to save up for.


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    Research hamsters and their habits.
    • You'll learn that they live around 4 years. They are sensitive to light, heat, and many other things such as pets and small children. If you have cats or dogs that might try to eat it, think twice. They can't be kept in direct sunlight or in drafty areas, and need a pretty stable temperature such as 70 or 75 degrees. They also need to be handled every day to stay friendly, and need to have their cage cleaned once every two weeks or so. Don't clean it too often or they might get sick. Also, have a big cage: the bigger the better. You shouldn't get a hamster just because they're cute, you should get it because you are ready for the responsibility.
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    Talk to your parents. Tell them you have researched hamsters and looked up pet stores, shelters, and breeders around the area. Explain your plans to take care of the hamster. If your parents say yes, you will need a wheel without bars (solid surface so they don't get stuck), cage bedding, hamster food, a cage (really big and make sure it will fit in your room), and a water bottle.
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    Be persistent without being annoying. If they say maybe, you could be lucky! Go to the pet store to show them a hamster and tell them all the interesting things you've learned about hamsters. Get them interested in the subject and you may be able to change their minds.
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    Be patient. After a few weeks or days, they might say yes. If not, ask for the reason, but don't beg, give them more time to think about it if they need it . There are lots of reasons for and against getting a pet. For example, if you have other animals they might say something like "We don't need a hamster" or "We have cats!" If you know why they refused, you can either give up, or plan how to convince them in the future. If they say no, don't have a fit; just ask them again in a month or so and every once in a while drop them a hint that you still want one like tell them a fact or two.
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    Plan financially for your hamster's care. You'll need at least a hundred dollars, which you can get by selling lemonade or having a garage sale.
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    Write a letter to your parents stating, gently but clearly, why you want a hamster. Also, show that you consider the reasons for not having one use something like a pros and cons list. Your parents will be more likely to give in to the good and constructive argument.
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    Your parents probably won't get you a hamster if you have a history of not being responsible or having bad grades. Try to do your chores without them asking you or try to get better grades in school. If your parents see that you are responsible enough for the upkeep of a hamster, they might let you have one!
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    Draw an example of a hamster cage. Include everything your hamster will need, and add the prices of all the items (cage included).
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    Decide on a place to keep your hamster. If you have other animals, put it in a place separate from them, but try to put in a place where you go often, like the living room or your bedroom.
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    Don't bring the hamster up too much. It doesn't help with anything except making your parents feel more pressured.
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    Pay for it yourself. You may not want to, but it probably will help convince your parents. Also, it might be a little expensive they are not really cheap.Don't forget to set aside some money to pay for a vet trip if you have to.


  • Parents may say no because they think they will end up taking care of it. If you have another pet at home, prove to you parents you can take care of a hamster by taking care of that animal. If you don't have another pet, you can do chores to show how responsible and dedicated you are.
  • Check the pet store prices and work out how much bedding and food is going to cost.
  • Tell your parents that you do not just want a pet, but a companion that you will treat with kindness and respect. Your parents need to know that you are responsible enough to get one!
  • Don't whine or beg. It just aggravates your parents, and shows that you are not controlled nor mature enough to handle a living creature.
  • When wanting a hamster, make sure you have enough space and time for it. The hamster will take up a good portion of your time and is a handful to take care of.
  • If you get a hamster, treat it well! If you hold it the wrong way it could hurt them.
  • Make sure that your parents know how much you want this hamster. If they think that you just want it because your friend has one, they probably won't let you have one.
  • Ask your parents nicely, but not every second, it'll make them mad.
  • Make a list of all the pros and cons and show them it. Also, do some research, write it down and show them that as well. This shows them you've really thought it over and that you're dedicated.
  • Be responsible. Take care of things around the house, clean your room, rake the leaves, do the laundry, etc. This will show you are ready for your own living thing.
  • Do NOT bathe a hamster in water. This could give them pneumonia and kill them.
  • Make sure your argument is fair and clear to them.
  • Ask them when they're in a good mood!
  • You might not have known this before and it's important! Note that hamsters are nocturnal so they will be sleeping most of the day, if you want a cuddly, yet playful during the day pet you could consider a rabbit or a guinea pig. Most pets shops have both, and they're pretty easy to care for.
  • Hamsters do best kept alone, and be aware that even dwarf hamsters might end up fighting.
  • If your parents are still not sure, try pet sitting for a friend to show you can take care of hamsters.
  • Make sure you have your parents permission before buying a hamster.
  • If you know you will get bored with the hamster easily, don't get one, as you may neglect it and forget about it.
  • Check that nobody in your family is allergic to hamsters; if someone is, hamsters aren't the best choice.
  • If they won't get one because hey think that hamsters are rats, state the reasons why they aren't.
  • Do not keep pestering your parents, or they might change their minds.
  • Be sure to research each kind of hamster to find which type is right for you. Every kind has unique characteristics that are very different from each other.
  • If you tell your parents you'll work for it pay for it, research them, and reason with them, they'll probably work something out. never pout and get upset and start working for money instead of waiting for them to say yes.
  • Some hamsters are active during the nighttime and they can also live up to 3 to 4 years and they do not bite unless offended and last but the not least they make good pets because they are cute and a little smart and some are escape artists.
  • Don't ask for a hamster right after getting another new pet. Your parents may not accept to get you another pet so quickly or they may be tired of you asking. Have a little more patience.
  • If your parents say no at first, just give it time and keep trying to convince them to get you one. When they see that you are dedicated, they will probably get you one.
  • Try to do more housework, so your parents approve your responsible.
  • Instead of asking your parents to buy you toys or bedding, try to make toys out of fabric or items you find around the house, and use old newspaper or shredded paper as bedding.
  • Syrian hamsters (preferably a male) would be great for beginners as they are a bit slower and calmer.If you want an entertaining hamster and you are a beginner, you should get a female Syrian as they tend to be more active.You should also buy a large environment for your hamster as they love to have some space to burrow in. Make sure to fill up most of the space or they will be quite scared.
  • If you get a hamster, leave some wide open space in the middle of the cage so they won't be so cramped inside their own living space. But also keep a few small, closed spaces in the cage so it won't feel like it is exposed.
  • When asking for the hamster say something like: "I know that you might say no to this but may I please buy myself a hamster for a companion?" Then state how you will make the money what you will use for it where you will buy it where you will put it etc.
  • Ask to do some extra chores around the house and do them. When you finish remind them that you would do all the given chores.
  • Never ask for them to pay for all of the hamsters needs. Just pay for most of their needs, and only ask if you are low on money.
  • If you want a hamster for your birthday or Christmas, put only the cage on your wish list. It may seem a bit backwards, but this shows your parents you care.
  • Be aware that if your parents get you a hamster, it will be your responsibility. It's your pet, so your parents won't take care of it for you, even if things get messy!
  • Don't wine, your parents will feel pressured. Pay for the supplies and hamster. Make sure you have space and time for it. Don't get one because it's cute, get it for responsibility. Get a cage that is big and no wire wheels, hamsters get hurt and even killed from the wire wheels. Remember that they don't live long.
  • If you want an animal that does not move around then get a Guinea pig. If you want an animal that does move around, get a hamster.
  • Make sure you comply to the minimum square inches of space for a hamster.


  • If you are getting Syrians, or trying to get them, then DO NOT house them (Syrians) together. They will fight!
  • Roborovski hamsters are not good hamsters for beginners. They are better for more experienced hamster owners. A good breed to start off with are Syrians.
  • Don't think about getting a hamster if you're not ready. This is a big responsibility. A hamster is a living thing, not a toy that you can ignore or throw away.
  • Don't beg - this will make it seem like you're immature.

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