How to Convince a Girl to Buy You a Drink

In modern civilization, a man often begins the dating game in a bar or club by buying a woman a drink. But since this is the age of gender equality, why not turn the tables and get a woman to buy you a drink? It's a good exercise in persuasive charm, and it has the added benefit of filtering out gold diggers. Here are several ways you can pull it off.


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    Tell a story where a different woman bought you a drink. Of course, you can’t say, "So I was in this bar and this woman bought me a drink" and then smirk like an idiot. The story needs to accomplish a few things:
    1. Show that women have offered to buy you drinks in the past. Some women will think that a girl buying a guy a drink is an outlandish idea. Talking casually about how it's happened to you in the past can make her wonder "Oh, maybe it happens more often than I thought...".
    2. Show that you're selective. When you get to the part where the girl in the past offered to buy you a drink, say something like "So I agreed." It implants in the woman’s mind that you don’t just let anybody buy you a drink.
    3. Elevate the other woman's status. By saying that the woman who bought you a drink was attractive, smart, and cool, you're showing that she wasn't doing it because she was pathetic or desperate. You're also making it clear that you still respect her, if not more so, after she bought you a drink.
    4. Compare her to the woman who bought you a drink. Since you already spoke highly of the other woman, by comparing the two, you're giving her an underhanded compliment. Plus, people are more likely to do something if they know that others who are similar to them have done it already.
    5. Here is an example of a story that weaves in a few of these elements:
      • Check this out. I was at this bar the other night and I met this really cool girl and we hit it off so she offered to buy me a drink. So I agreed and we walked over to the bar and I told her since she's buying, she has to choose the drink. She gave like this evil smile that made me worried, kind of like your smile, and she ordered something I can’t even pronounce from the bartender. Then the bartender started smiling and I was like, holy $#&#. This cannot be good. So the bartender mixed a bunch of stuff up and put it together and then I swear, he lit it on fire, and while it’s still on fire this girl tells me to down it! So we both downed it and I felt fine - till like 30 seconds later - I don’t think I've ever been that drunk from one drink in my entire life! A great night though!
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    Follow up with a challenge, laced with presuppositions: "I doubt if when you buy me a drink it'll be that exciting but I'm sure that with a little creativity we can think of something..." If you look closely, this is a sentence made up of presuppositions. A presupposition is a statement where you assume that the person is going to do something. Here are the presuppositions in this sentence:
    • That she will buy you a drink. Study the syntax closely. Saying "...when you buy me a drink" assumes just that. The "if" right before it applies to if it'll be exciting, and having that "if" in there keeps you from sounding too sure of yourself.
    • That she is creative.
    • That you two, together, will think of something.
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    Assume her generosity. If a girl happens to say something like, “Do you want to go get a drink?” or “Let’s go get drinks” say: “Yeah! That sounds great, I’ll take a jack and coke” or whatever drink you want. If you say this with conviction as if you really mistook her meaning, it'll probably work, because most people won't say "No, I meant YOU buy" or "Give me the cash for it." If it doesn't work, fall back on "You get the first round and I’ll get the second." You'll end up paying for the next round but hey, you still got her to treat, rather than you buying everything.
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    Play the 5 questions game. This is a common game played by pick up artists, but there is no reason you cannot use it to just have fun. Here is how you do it...
    • You: Hey, we're going to make a little bet. We're going to play a game- basically I'm going to ask you five questions and you have to answer each one of them falsely! If you answer it truthfully then you lose and you buy me a drink. If you win I buy you a drink. Deal?
    • Her: Deal!
    • You: Excellent. So where are you from?
    • Her: Jersey.
    • You: How old are you?
    • Her: 75.
    • You: Okay, what kind of car do you drive?
    • Her: A Honda.
    • You: How many people are in your family?
    • Her: 25.
    • You: Dang! (Reach for your wallet as if you are about to buy her a drink) Have you ever played this game before?
    • Her: No.
    • You: And I got you on the fifth question. (Unless she claims that she really has, in fact, played this game before. Then you get to prove she hasn't!)
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    Play the #17 game.
    • You: We're going to play a game. Basically you can't say the number 17! If you do you buy me a drink. Deal?
    • Her: Deal.
    • You: Excellent. What’s 2+2?
    • Her: 4.
    • You: What’s 4+4?
    • Her: 8.
    • You: What’s 8+8?
    • Her: 16.
    • You: What is 20+20?
    • Her: 40.
    • You: What is 40+40?
    • Her: 80.
    • You: What is 80-4?
    • Her: 76.
    • You: What is 76-6?
    • Her: 70.
    • You: Ha! You owe me a drink! I got you to say 70.
    • Her: No! You said 17 not 70!
    • You: ….and you just said it right there! I’ll take a jack and coke.


  • When playing the 5 questions game, space out the answers. She won’t be counting and you don’t want her to think that too little time has passed. Also, it's important to reach for your wallet when asking, “Have you played this before?” because she will be so excited about winning that she won’t think and will answer automatically! Finally, if she catches on and answers falsely, then she's probably quite perceptive and you might want to buy her a drink.
  • Learn some tricks. Show one to the lady in question and if she asks you how you did that, say "Get me a drink and I'll show you!"


  • Women who roll their eyes and don't display a sense of humor in response to your antics aren't worth your time. Move on.
  • If you get a consistently negative attitude from the women you hit on, you probably look like you're trying too hard, or are consistently approaching women who are very full of themselves. To fix the latter, learn to Read Body Language so you can identify women who are friendly and approachable.

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