How to Convert the Garage Into a Private Study

If you need space for a study and the car doesn't, using the garage can be a fantastic means for increasing your usable space. In fact, if you're really clever with space, you might even be able to keep sharing the space with the car.


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    Clean out the garage. Remove everything and make a decision on whether or not you need to keep it. For the items that you keep, you will need to make a decision about where these will go. Do you have a garden shed, or perhaps the items can go in the basement? Alternately, the garage items can remain in the garage but purchase or build better storage facilities that hide the items away from site.
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    Lay garage carpet on the entire garage floor. This carpet is especially adapted to take the weight of cars and spillages too. It's hardy but also decent to look at and comfortable to walk on. It is also ideal for study furniture, as it is firm enough to roll on a wheelchair at a desk.
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    Design the study layout. At the minimum, add a desk, some shelves for books, a chair for studying from, and good lighting. Other additions might include bookcases, filing cabinet, printer stand, etc. When designing the layout, decide whether you must leave space for the car(s) still or whether you have a much larger space to work with. If you are still letting the cars live in the garage, try to create a barrier between your study space and the cars, such as a movable wall partition, a concertina sliding and folding accordion room divider, or opaque glass wall sliding screens. That way, you will maintain your privacy and sense of homeliness at nighttime when the cars will usually be inside the garage.
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    Consider changing the garage doors to ones that let in light, such as all glass folding doors, doors with large windows, etc. This will immediately brighten up the study space and make it feel a lot more pleasant. It will also open up the look of your entire home if the garage forms a part of the house. Get some advice from an architect or interior designer on the options available.
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    Have the wiring and cables fixed. Internet access is essential for the student. Consider whether you also need a telephone. Have the wiring brought to where you plan to place the desk.


  • If you are sharing the space with cars, it is recommended to leave the cars outside during the daytime to give you an increased sense of space.


  • Do not sit in your study when cars are being moved in or out. Leave the garage doors open at least 10 minutes after a car has left or driven in and shut off its engine before closing again. This will clear the air of potentially dangerous fumes.

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