How to Control Your World

Do you want to have a say in what YOU do, and become the one who rules your choices, your life, and your mind? Follow these steps, and you'll be control of your world in more or less time.


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    Make your own choices. Do NOT let anyone else influence your life, leave your choices for you to make, not the world. Your mind is YOURS, not Jenny's, Mike's, or whoever else in the world will make choices for you.
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    Get a grip of yourself. Look around you, are your peers REALLY worth looking up to? Are they really YOU?
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    Be who YOU are, not what somebody else makes you. Is it worth having people around who don't accept you? Will managing this false person in your body help you rule your world?
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    Form your OWN opinions. Making your own way of thinking will help you decide what's important to you. Make up your own mind. Don't let anyone else control your mind-it's easier than you think to just look up stuff and decide what you believe in.
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    Don't let anyone make you feel powerless, you can always do SOMETHING. (Don't get me wrong, you can't do EVERYTHING, but you always have some power that might expand into something more.)
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    Stand up for what you believe in. Is a Special Education person being harassed? (This happens at my school, wrong, isn't it?) If you don't like what you're seeing speak your mind. DO NOT let that person question YOUR character. Instead, question theirs and state why you believe what you do. And ask them "What's so wrong with _____?"
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    Live your life the way YOU want to! Only YOU can make your choices, not Bob, or Carry, or that jerk always pushing you around! If you don't follow your own path and discover your own truth, you'll never be able to control YOUR world and succeed your goal. Plus, you won't do half the things you want to do with your life.


  • Consider the opinion of your friends, even if you know you'll go your own way. However, be ready to accept the consequences of your actions if they fail, and don't blame it on others. People will see you as mature, and will respect you.
  • Don't be rude whenever standing up for yourself, you'll be letting that person get to you, and you'll lose friends. Having control in your world means having some company to pick you up when you're down.
  • If expressing you're opinion to friends, tell them you are not trying to offend them, you are just standing up for what you think is right.


  • Not everyone will appreciate who you are, or that you make your own choices. Some people can be very cruel-so be prepared for some jerk to hurt you over and over again.

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