How to Control Shedding (Dogs)

Almost every dog will start shedding occasionally, here a are few tips to keep it under control, animals shed to get rid of old/damaged/extra fur. This mainly happens around the summer. Although some shedding is not natural and is a cause of your dog possibly having allergies.


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    Brush your dog everyday. This will help remove a lot of the fur that your dog is shedding. This also helps reduce the amount of hair getting on your furniture/clothes/carpet. This also makes your dogs coat healthier. Different breeds need different brushes, make sure the brush you use is the best one for your pet's needs.
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    Vacuum. Unfortunately you can't stop a dog from getting it's shredded fur clinging onto your furniture and carpets, covering your furniture (e.g. blankets, sheets) will help because you can just through these in the wash afterwards, be sure to hoover you carpet regularly too.
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    Give your dog a bath. Washing your dog is a great way to help when it's shedding. This removes a lot of the dog's unwanted and dead fur. It also makes the new fur healthy which means it's less likely to shed.
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    A dogs food can affect its coat, so be sure to feed your dog high quality food with good digestible protein sources.
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    Get Regular vet check ups. Allergies can affect the skin and coat. Regular visits to your vet will help identify problems early, and provide more effective treatment.
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    Put a tablespoon of vegetable oil into your pet's food, not only will it make their coat extremely healthy, soft and shiny, but it will cut down dogs shedding. Shedding a lot could be caused by unhealthy fur so doing this step will cut down the shedding, and give your dog a very nice looking coat of fur.


    1. Make sure your dog isn't allergic to vegetable oil.

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