How to Control Sexual Urges

Feeling the urge to have sex is a normal part of human nature, but can be distracting when you’re trying to work or accomplish personal goals. After you accept that these types of feelings are normal, you can practice certain mindsets and behaviors to control sexual urges.


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    Accept that feeling the urge to have sex is a healthy, normal human instinct. The human body is biologically wired to think about sex up to multiple times per day. Understanding that sexual urges are normal allows you to start controlling these feelings more effectively.
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    Identify the triggers for your sexual urges. This allows you to steer clear of triggers that set off your sexual urges. For example, if you tend to experience sexual urges when watching movies with steamy love scenes, avoid watching those types of movies.
    • Consider keeping a journal of your actions and behavior leading up to sexual urges. A journal can help you identify triggers and patterns.
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    Keep yourself busy. Staying busy helps keep your mind preoccupied and focused on things other than sex. Try devoting more time to your favorite hobbies and interests instead of spending more time at work.
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    Channel your sexual energy into art or another project. This helps put your sexual urges to productive use outside of having sex. If you’re an artistic individual, channel your sexual energy into a painting or a novel. If you’re an entrepreneur, channel your energy into new business ideas and ventures.
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    Start exercising more often. Physical activity is one of the healthiest ways to control and manage a range of feelings and emotions, including the urge to have sex. Exercise regularly to combat sexual energy, or head to the nearest park or gym as soon as you start experiencing these feelings.
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    Talk to your partner about your feelings. If your sexual urges are occurring due to lack of sex between you and your partner, sharing your feelings is a good first step toward resolution. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with your partner, contact your healthcare provider. Your doctor can recommend a psychologist or therapist who can help you control sexual urges, or work with you and your partner to improve your sex life.[1]
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    Avoid abusing drugs or alcohol. Drugs and alcohol can cause you to lose your inhibitions, including your sexual control. Stay away from parties and scenarios you think might be problematic if you experience sexual urges.[2]
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    Focus on staying faithful to your partner. If you’re promiscuous, redirect your sexual energy to your partner, and seek counseling if necessary. When you feel the urge to have sex with someone other than your partner, remind yourself about the importance of being faithful to keep yourself in check.

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