How to Control a wikiHow Addiction

Many people find wikiHow to be a great source of knowledge. Others enjoy editing to improve articles, or finding appropriate pictures to enhance an already written article. There are so many aspects relating to being a part of this growing community, that many find themselves glued to the chair, and unable to walk away. This is the first sign of wikiHow becoming an addiction! Look around, if the bed is not made and it's already noon, or if the kids are still waiting for breakfast and it's time for dinner, then for sure you know you have become a full blown wikiHowaholic.


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    Ask yourself why you spend so much time on wikiHow. Most likely, you are here because you find enjoyment in writing, editing, or otherwise improving articles. However, you may want to draw inward and seek out some insight. Are you feeling lonely, undervalued, lost or depressed? If you are feeling sadness, depression or you have lost your way, wikiHow is not going to solve these feelings for you. Perhaps you have an obsessive need to stay on the terminal and participate in wikiHow.
    • While instant gratification through seeing your changes in print is a great feeling, it isn't a lasting one and you may find yourself needing this fix more and more. Just as with any addictive behavior. If you have such feelings, it is important to seek some friendly or professional assistance and work through the feelings.
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    • On the other hand, if you are plain lazy, it is time to go and book a gym session or walk your dogs.
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    If you have found that you do have an addiction, copy the text of this article into a text editor and close the browser quickly. By doing this, you can still read the article, but you won't be tempted to follow links.
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    Understand that wikiHow isn't going away. It is a long-term project. You can leave it and return a week, month or even a year later and it will still be here.
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    Respect your editing craft and edit what is worth editing. Don't turn it into a crusade to fix everything that is here. Remember that you cannot fix wikiHow's myriad of edits in need of mending by sitting at the computer all day every day trying to accomplish this task.
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    Realize that wikiHow is not an infinite source of knowledge. Many things can only be learned by doing them. You can read on the site how to do them, but the proof is in the pudding. Go and try what you read. Maybe you will find better ways of doing the activity and you can later return and add your suggested ways for improving the activity. Life is the best teacher of all and your computer and the Internet are only a portion of your life.
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    Know that you have a life outside of wikiHow, and you must live that life too. Your family and friends would like to spend time with you, not with you and your computer.
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    Do the cup of tea or coffee test. Make a cup of tea or coffee. Can you be on wikiHow at the same time and still drink it while it is warm? Or do you often turn to a cold cup? If you do, this may indicate that you are taking it too intensely and that you are neglecting to put the site into perspective.
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    Limit your access time. Only come and visit at selected times. Determine these by looking at your diary and seeing when you have time free. Circle those times, highlight them and stick to them. Set a timer so that you do not stay longer than you intended. Have a family member knock on the door and tell you that time's up.
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    Seek professional attention. Visit a certified psychologist if things get out of control. Even being very honest with a family member or a friend can gain you much needed support to wean yourself off of an Internet addiction. People are more inclined to be helpful if they know what you are going through.
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    Bring your outside knowledge into wiki to make wikiHow even better. Those who really do it, really know it. And that is the sort of advice that wikiHow is really seeking — and more likely to get your article featured.
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    Block wikiHow on your computer. Blocking wikiHow should make your addiction go away.


  • Okay, look. It's wikiHow. How much fun can you really have editing articles and learning how to prepare a turkey in a microwave? There's only so much that you can do on wikiHow.
  • Go to a location where there is no computer access.
  • Have a family member or trusted friend sign up for a computer class to learn software blocking. Set up a block for a specified amount of time.
  • Don't forget the nature of the website, itself — make use of the many articles on the site! Learn a new recipe. Adopt a new hobby. What is the purpose of reading through wikiHow if you don't make use of its content?
  • Disconnect the computer power cord. Give it to someone to place under lock and key for the entire day, or week or whatever time period you need to be away.
  • Develop other outside interests.
  • Go on a cruise, a hike, a back-country ski trip. These are great ways to become disconnected from the computer and reconnected to the real world.
  • Place your computer in the least comfortable room in the house. Perhaps the "ambiance" of a drafty cinder-block basement can be your friend in this case. Don't set yourself up with a cushioned swivel office chair. Try a metal folding model one instead. Make sure that your time on the computer is not physically comfortable.
  • Tell everyone on wikiHow you are leaving, or taking a break for a while. You could just put up a notice (e.g. {{Wikibreak}}) on your talk page and/or userpage to let people know.


  • If someone bites back at you on wikiHow and you take personal offense, try not to respond with a gush of emotion. Stand back, take a deep breath and re-read the situation. You do not have to respond. You can close the computer and go for a walk, ask someone else to intervene for you, or respond briefly and politely, and leave it at that. Then ask yourself why it got to you so much. Maybe that little question will help you understand why you need to stand back and rediscover yourself, unplugged.
  • If you spend endless time on a website and begin to overly identify with the site, you may lose your sense of perception and take things too personally. If this is how you feel, you need to stop spending so much time on the site.

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