How to Contact a Checkuser on wikiHow

A checkuser is a wikiHow administrator who has the ability to check the IP address of registered wikiHow users. Checkusers judiciously use this power to help manage trolls, vandals, and malicious sockpuppets.


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    Contact a checkuser by sending an email to Include the following in your email:
    • The username and URL of the userpage of the person you want checked.
    • An explanation of why you want the person's IP checked. (e.g. I think Martian89 is a malicious sockpuppet of Martian22 See the edits on Tie a Tie for similar trolling patterns .)
    • URLs of edits or talk page messages which might help explain the situation.
    • Your wikiHow username.
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    Wait. The email will be sent to the checkuser team: Versageek, Nicole, Chris H, Maluniu, Mel, Lois Wade, King Peter, and Matt. The first checkuser who has time to respond to the request will reply to the request.
    • The checkuser will reply with a response saying something like:
    • "These are confirmed malicious sockpuppets. I blocked the accounts and the IP for x days..."
    • "These might be sockpuppets. Let's try this..."
    • "These are probably not related accounts."
    • "This request isn't appropriate. Or it doesn't seem to warrant a checkuser. I won't check that account. Sorry."
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    If appropriate, the checkuser will also apply blocks to associated accounts and IPs.

Background Info

  • In wikiHow, the IP addresses of all anonymous users are clearly displayed. However, the IP addresses of registered users are not revealed publicly (with the exception of the forums and IRC). Checkusers have additional powers to see the IP addresses used by any logged in users.
  • There is currently no formal process for selecting new checkusers from the pool of experienced admins. Historically new checkusers get added when it seems clear more are needed and an existing admin has expressed interest in becoming a checkuser.


  • There is no wikiHow policy against "benevolent" sockpuppets. Some good faith editors prefer to have multiple accounts to occasionally write under a different pen name. As long as they aren't trolling, evading a block, voting twice in discussions, or otherwise trying to create more influence than one person would have, benevolent socks should generally be tolerated.
  • Checkusers are not permitted to check the IP addresses of users they are not suspecting are causing problems. Checkuser should only be used on accounts that have raised legitimate suspicions of problematic edits.
  • wikiHow staff member Anna has checkuser privileges, but is not on the email list. She can be contacted directly through her email, however, at
  • wikiHow founder, Jack Herrick also has checkuser privileges but generally prefers not to receive checkuser requests.

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