How to Construct Removal Boxes

Putting together removal boxes (also called moving boxes) is a handy skill and the faster that you can do it with accuracy, the quicker your packing can go. Here is how to construct your flat removal boxes.


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    Take a flat removal box, tape and a tape gun.
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    Fold the box into a cube, find the bottom of the removal box. Often the instructions for putting the box together are printed on the box itself. Generally, however, you shape the box into a square by standing it upright and opening it out.
    • Fold the base flaps across, the lower flaps facing one another should be folded first and then the higher flaps facing each other should be folded next.
    • Some boxes allow you to tuck the box flaps in at the end to secure them but most removal boxes require taping, as discussed next.
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    Have the box sitting upright standing on the open end. The closed flaps (base) end should be facing upwards.
    • Use the tape gun (loaded) to tape the base flaps up.
    • Place the sticky end of the tape gun on one side of the box and pull the tape back across the gap between the flap joint.
    • Break off the tape once it reaches the other side.
    • Repeat several times until the box base feels strong.
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    Pack your items. Once packed, seal the top of the box using the tape gun again, with the same manner described above.
    • Sometimes it might be necessary to tape around the whole box as well, depending on the fragility, heaviness, or shape of the items packed. Use your own sense of judgment here.


  • Make sure that you aren't low on tape so you run out when you're taping up, or you'll have a really hard time.
  • To find if you're taping up the bottom or not, make it into a square without taping, and if the words make sense, flip it over, and tape there.
  • Don't tape up the top until it's full! (optional)


  • If you're a kid making towers out of them, don't go too high.

Things You'll Need

  • Removal boxes
  • A tape gun
  • Tape

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