How to Consistently Run if You're Overweight

So you've probably gone on a few runs by now, but just can't get into it. WikiHow can help.


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    Get motivated to run. It might be a hard task to think about, but a very rewarding afterwards.
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    Get the right gear. The right gear is indeed important.
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    Drink water. Try getting a 2.2 liter (0.6 US gal) jug from a local grocery store, using an old soda bottle will work for a little while, but eventually you'll want to upgrade. This makes water intake easier, as you don't constantly have to keep refilling it.
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    Get motivated. They say that people who write down their goal, and post it somewhere they will see it every day, have a 100% success rate of meeting those goals. That's because every single day, it helps them be reminded of why they do what they do. They never lose sight.
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    Plan your runs. If you run every day at the same time, be it mornings or evenings, it makes it easier to get around to doing. It will also make your body used to it that much faster.
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    Run on your worst of days. Those days when like fifty excuses come up, such as needing to mow the lawn, having to make dinner, procrastinating on laundry, etc. The thought of, "Where am I going to fit in a run? I'll just do it tomorrow." Never put a run off until tomorrow. Not only will you gain that much more pride, by looking at all the things you did that day, but your body will be that much better for it. Now that's not to say you'll go your full distance, but the majority of the time all you have to do is get out the door.
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    Get out the door and stretch.
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    Listen to some moving music. Songs for your MP3 player are essential for surviving any run. Otherwise, it's just running, and that sucks. So buy music. Why not just listen to what you have? Because if you run consistently, that means a good 4-5 hours a week of listening to those songs. So buy some new ones, and hold them off as an incentive to run.
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    Pride yourself on your results.


  • Avoid putting the run off.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated, even when you don't run.
  • Get an iPod or another portable music device.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes and good padded shoes.


  • Don't expect to be beating anybody after only a few runs, stick with it.
  • Always keep your eyes on weather reports. Keep another exercise list in hand for stormy or excessive heat days. A little rain will actually improve your run though.

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