How to Consign Your Recreational Vehicle

Are you ready to retire from the recreational vehicle life, or maybe you're looking for a new motorhome or travel trailer and need to sell your current RV first. If you have decided that selling your RV yourself is not the best option for you, follow the steps below to help you get the most out of your RV sale through an RV dealership.


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    Search the internet for RV Dealerships that will suit your location. If you are not an avid RV traveler, it is best to find a dealership close to you. If you travel to another state in their peak season, so do other RV-er's!
    • States like Florida, California and Arizona thrive on winter visitors, many of them avid RVers like yourself. These states also have the largest amount of RV Dealerships making the chances of selling your RV greater as well as faster.
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    Call the RV dealerships first. Get a pen and paper ready and take notes. Ask questions like, Do you have a contract, how long is the contract for and what it entails? What are your fees? Who and where do you advertise with? Do you have a service facility? In order to legally sell your RV, all dealers must perform a certain degree of safety inspections, depending on the state you are in.
    • Last but not least, What sets you apart from your competitor? Any successful RV dealer will have a hidden selling feature that sets them apart from their competitors.
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    Ask around. Chances are you may know several people who own a RV. Ask them where they purchased their RV or had their recreational vehicle serviced and if they would recommend that dealership. Listen to their story in whole.
    • Take into consideration the details for their reason for recommending or not recommending that dealership. For instance, that dealership may specialize in their brand or type of RV making their experience a pleasurable one. Or if they do not recommend a dealership, ask them why. It may be they have an RV that a requires hard to find parts, or maybe they owe more then what the RV is worth, requiring a more specialized type of service or time frame.
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    Look for reviews on paid websites like Angie's list. All to often the reviews you find on your local Yahoo or Google reviews are posted by angry customers or even other dealerships making it sound like they are angry customers. These are free, easy and readily available for competitors hurting for business.
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    Be honest with yourself as well as the dealerships. If your RV has problems, it is best to let them know up front. This doesn't necessarily mean they will not try to sell your RV, but it will give them some insight prior to the sale and any future problems it will cause to you, the dealership and the buyer.
    • Depending on the severity of problems, most minor repairs can wait till the RV is sold. The dealership may or may not charge you for these repairs, again it would depend on the severity of the problem.
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    Once you have chosen a dealership make sure you and your RV are ready. Just like selling your home or car, the better your RV looks, the more likely it will sell. Find out if the dealership of your choosing offers a detail service, what it entails and how much it will cost you.
    • You will need current drivers' license, current registration and insurance, Title, copy of most current Lien holder statement or payment coupon, Original copy of Lien Release (if title has lienholder listed on it but has been paid off), if the title listed in a Trust, you will need a copy of the trust paperwork, and death certificate.

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