How to Connect with Your Students Online

Distance is abridged at your fingertips. With the click of mouse connecting with people from corners of the world is now instant. The same logic applies in the case of education wherein students are connected through the internet and brought on the same platform of learning. They chat, discuss, interact and exchange information for learning purposes. But the question is how is it feasible to connect with students online?


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    Make use of video conferences: Video conferences aid in connecting online students. Prior to jumping in to discussions through videos, there should be introductory messages exchanged between students and mentors. In addition to this, a small photo with a brief on introduction will help connect both parties instantly and encourage them to feel motivated to stay through chat sessions and the conversation thread for a long time.
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    Use adequate tech support through online tools and apps: Adequate tech support will facilitate a connection with online students. This refers to staying connected with students by means of various internet tools and apps for prolonged hours to ensure that students seek needful assistance related to study anytime they require.
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    Strategize means of augmenting richness of content: Augmenting richness of online content through incorporation of video clips, photos and music may help stay connected with students on the online radar without deterrence. Nonetheless, the content should be highly invigorating, engaging and appealing.
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    Ensure connecting students by assigning groups: Assigning group work is yet again a fruitful means of attuning students through the internet. Students are assigned project work and they are encouraged to develop relationships through means of networking. Discussion forums, projects and community groups serve as one of the best ways of establishing connections between students, and student-mentors. Undeniably, live connection with teachers means chatting with them instantly without any disruption.
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    Encourage online discussion: Encouraging online discussion is one of the most suitable ways of connecting with students online. Not just students but a viable connection is established between mentors and students too. There should exist habitual opportunities for discussions and debates. Forum participation should be an inevitable part of online learning.
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    Make use of social media for accelerating online connectivity: Today, online networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., serve as helpful ways of making friends and networking with them instantly. You can encourage students to join various academic groups on Facebook and LinkedIn for exchanging important information and ideas.


  • Talk with online experts or tech gurus regarding the intricacies and subtleties of various online tools and applications. You should check out the norms before subscribing to any of those apps so that there is no breaching of policies later.


  • Since there are many upcoming apps and online tools, you should talk with tech gurus for creating interesting ways of establishing online connections with students. Remember if your endeavor is not appealing students will not be motivated to join.

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