How to Connect As a Family at the Dinner Table

With today's busy schedules, many families eat separately. Dinner time is a perfect time to spend reconnecting with your family members. Here are a few tips to help you and your family get to know one another better.


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    Try to set a time to eat dinner when all family members will be home. If this is not possible due to scheduling then choose a time when most members can be there and make that your regular dinner time.
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    Give each member a task. When a family works together preparing the meals everyone is more willing to sit down and enjoy it together. Even small children can help, give them a task that will not involve sharp objects, glass or anything hot. They can help set the table by placing the napkins at each setting or they can take items to the table like the bread/rolls. ketchup. salad dressing (plastic bottles). Have older children set the table or help with peeling vegetables, stirring or mixing or getting the beverages.
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    Once dinner is ready and everyone has taken their seat at the table (a good time to say Grace if you prefer), the conversation can begin. This is a great time to ask how everyone's day was? Discuss world affairs or at least your local news. Never force anyone to participate in the conversation, when they see how everyone is sharing their day they will eventually join in.
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    After dinner, have everyone pitch in and help even if they just empty their own plates the clean up will be easier for all.
    • If you really want to push the envelope you can spring a little dessert on them. At the same table. You can even offer them a healthy dessert like a bowl of fresh berries and yogurt. Or after dinner you can suggest a movie and start popping the popcorn.


  • When you spend this time bonding with your family you will know right away if there is something wrong or troubling one of your children more then if you all ate in different rooms. If that child does not open up about their problem at the dinner table, you can speak to them privately later. So you see having dinner together is such an important part of being a family and staying close to your children.


  • Failure to sit down and have meals together with your family not only robs your family of getting closer and bonding but it teaches your children to do the same when they grow up and have their own families. So much good can come from this one gathering every night or as many nights as you can arrange it that it is a real shame not to at least give it a try. Enjoy!!

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