How to Confront a Former Friend

Girls, friends are like birds. Pigeon friends are dirty. Swan friends are devils in disguise. And some can't hold in a secret. If you've got an ex-friend is one or even ALL of these check this out.


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    Ignore them. If you've just stopped being friends but are still in the heat of argument, just ignore her. If you see her around and she looks like she's about to have a go at you, glance at her, throw your head back and confidently and calmly walk off. Don't run, or she'll feel superior to you. Doing all this will show her you don't care.
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    Establish your friends. Everyone picks sides during a fight; even if you are friends with both people. So quietly and privately ask casually not eagerly or else they'll think you're trying to get them to agree with you something like, "Hey, you know (insert ex-friend's name) and I aren't getting along? Just to clear the air, are you still my friend?" There will always be at least one person who isn't. Don't worry about it! There will be hundreds of other opportunities for you to make even more friends! But the ones who are, keep them close.
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    Become an individual. You may have gotten used to following in your ex-friend's footsteps and doing everything she told you to do... that STOPS! Begin to show your own interest, go to your own clubs, sit with other people, make different friends and just enjoy yourself. Besides, it's better to be happy with new people than miserable with the same ones. And she'll see how well you're doing without her!
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    Vamp it up. If you're looking for an even more dramatic new chapter, try a new look! Get your hair done in a different style (that you LIKE!!!)instead of getting a normal trim. Wear some trendy clothes (unless you must wear uniform). If you wear uniform, customize your bag with badges and make yourself a trendsetter!
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    Celebrate your new beginning: Commemorate the new you with a party! It doesn't have to have a limo with a red carpet and Usher serenading you unless you can make that happen! A simple sleepover, bowling trip, shopping spree or cinema trip can be enough. Invite all your close and best friends. Make it known to your ex-friend that she's NOT coming, but don't rub it in her face that's just plain petty!
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    Handle nastiness. By now, if you do everything that's been instructed, being a regular girl, your ex-friend will probably go to the last resort of trying to hurt you through cyber , mental or physical abuse. Don't be worried; she's more vulnerable than you are. But that doesn't mean that you don't deal with her. Let's start with mental abuse: she could start a horrible rumour and gossip about you. If this comes back to you, get the first person she spread the rumour to tell her something sharp and bitter like, "Tell her that just because her life is worthless, she should get off mine!" or "Rumours hurt but so does a good kick so she should watch herself!" That will teach her. Secondly, cyber abuse: Use Facebook, Twitter or MSN a lot? If you see her start a Hate club about you or a rant on you, (this may be repeated quite a lot) but you must immediately tell a responsible adult whether it's Mum, Dad, a teacher, an Aunt, Uncle. Anyone you're familiar with who also knows about the INTERNET. Telling your 93-year-old great-gran isn't going to help is it?! They can support you. Also, report them as an offensive page; there's even a button for it! And lastly the one everyone's afraid of: physical abuse. This behaviour is unacceptable! If she so much as invades your personal space, slaps, kicks or pushes you to the ground, you HAVE to DEFEND YOURSELF. Get all your friends behind you to get back-up evidence that your ex-friend was the first person to attack. Now you might be meek but you'll have to leave that behind. You can see how to fight in the clip below or search wikiHow on how to fight. But after you finish her, run as fast as possible to a responsible adult and tell them; they'll deal with her from there.
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    Leave her behind. Depending on how mean she's been, it's you decision to choose how to treat her if it ends up that she eventually does apologise. You may a very forgiving and understanding girl, but if she's hurt you and you're still very unhappy with her, it doesn't matter if she was one of your best friends you shouldn't forgive her. If she comes crawling back, calmly say, "Uh-huh, I get it" or "I know you're sorry". Then walk away. She'll certainly understand your feelings.

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