How to Conduct Teleseminars

A teleseminar is a phone conference call where you address a group of listeners using standard telephone lines. Modern day teleseminars involve a host conducting conference calls using standard/mobile/skype/voip telephone system. The host is allowed to control the session using a web based control panel.

Recent developments in the conferencing service allows you record the conference call and publish it as podcast or even download and archive for future use.


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    Visit any free conference calling service website and create a free account. Registration is a simple process. Provide your email address,first name and last name and you receive an email notification of your account credentials.
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    Read the welcome email and familiarize with the conference controls. Decide How you are going to conduct the conference call. If you use standard telephone to control your conference functions read the keypad controls section. If you are comfortable using web based control panel read the web panel section.
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    Get the needed information. You will be provided with a dial-in number and conference code and host code. Conference code is the code that all your attendees will use to tune in to your seminar. Host code is your personal pin number. Do not share it with anyone.
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    Depending on your style, you may either conduct scheduled conference calls or ad-hoc calls. If you are scheduling a call, open up your favorite scheduling software like outlook and send invitations to all the attendees with dial in number and conference code and date and time of call. It is a good idea to list date and time in different time zones so that attendees don't miss the call.
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    'Arrive' say 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time or the conference call time. Dial in to the phone number and enter conference code and host code.
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    Make sure you turn off recording before you end the call at the correct time.
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    Login to the back office at the free to download your recordings and to check the call records and optionally download the same for your records.


  • If you are using mobile phones be sure to turn on call continuation feature. This way you get to join the conference as moderator.
  • It is always a good idea to do a test recording before the actual call. This will also help you to know how long it takes to get the podcast published.
  • If your seminar is long one, you can start and stop recordings at various times so that you record only the pieces you want.
  • If you are organizing a call to bring in a few guest speakers be sure to distribute the guest speaker code by mail so that they get to speak. Typically not all attendees are allowed to speak. You might want to reserve spots for your guest speakers.
  • Mute your conference call and enable speaking rights to only select individuals if you do not want interference.
  • If you run a website, you might want to publish the recordings on your own site.

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