How to Conduct Online Exam Using Skill Evaluation Lab

Seven Methods:Creating and Managing QuestionsDefining the Exam Type and Creating the TestAdding and Managing UsersGroup ManagementPublish the test to appear for the examinationMonitor the examinationAnalyzing and Reporting Test Results

Skill Evaluation Lab is an online exam software that can be utilized by an educator to create a computer based online examination for students.

Conducting an exam for an institution has always been difficult. However, the time, effort and financial constraints to conducting an assessment have been optimized with the arrival of online assessment. Nowadays, educators are trying to replace the traditional paper assessment with an online equivalent in an attempt to save paper and simplify the process for teachers and professors. However, this transition in itself is proving to be problematic for many educators.

In this article explains how to create and conduct the online examination using Skill Evaluation Lab.

Method 1
Creating and Managing Questions

  1. 1
    Choose the right question type for your exam. There are six different types question with customizable answer choices.
  2. 2
    Build your own question using the Question editor. Using this editor, you can configure following things:
    • You can record your own voice to create voice questions.
    • You can create and set the topics where that question belongs.
    • You can set the difficulty levels.
    • You can set question time limits.
    • You can modify how many points each question is worth.
    • You can modify the scenario, question, answer choices, explanation, and reference.

      Note: The question editor allows to copy and paste the formatted text content from any sources (suitable for scenario type and code snippet based questions) in question and answer text fields. Content can be copied with web images and video files in any language.
  3. 3
    Import questions (if applicable). Using this import question you can import bulk amount questions from spreadsheet. You will be provided instructions by the website on how to import those questions.
  4. 4
    Manage your exam questions. Update, delete, activate, deactivate, or duplicate any question that needs modification. In order to search from the bulk amount of questions, you can use the search option to find a question from database by Test, Topic, Question type or search by Text.

Method 2
Defining the Exam Type and Creating the Test

  1. 1
    Create the test and configure it. Be sure to give the exam a name, a description, a minimum passing grade, a navigation mode, a time limit, a maximum number of test attempts, availability time, notifications (either e-mail or text/SMS), and proper test mode. In Skill Evaluation Lab creating a test we have to, complete next step.
  2. 2
    Manage your test and configuration. After creating the test, you have to edit and configure grading rules for the test.
    • Edit Test: For assign the question into the test by clicking edit test. Edit question window has a list questions that you are already added into the application. From that questions list you can select the questions as you want then click submit button for assigning that questions for the test.
    • Configure Grading Rules : You can implement Grading to your test result based on Scaling points by configuring Grading rules.

Method 3
Adding and Managing Users

  1. 1
    Think of the roles and responsibilities of each user.

    There are five major roles offered, each role works on hierarchy model and has its own responsibility and permissions while accessing the system.
    • Examinee - This role actually takes the exam.
    • Manager - The Manager is the local administrator of the tool. The manager can access all test event process within the department or entire organization.
    • Trainee - This role can be assigned to the users those who need the practice and quiz test.
    • Print Manager - If you want to administer a written test, you will have to take the print outs of the question sheets. A Print Manager can print different versions of questions and answer sheets of a test.
    • Report Manager - The Report Manager is a monitor role who can access reports only and therefore can analyze the examinees' strengths and weaknesses.
  2. 2
    Adding Users. As the administrator, you determine whether a user can take test that you created in this software. You can give the permission to get login and take the assigned test by add user. The following some personal information about the users will be needed for adding a user.
    • Login ID of user
    • Email address
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Mobile number
    • Login password for the user.
  3. 3
    Import users from a spreadsheet. Import users enables to import large amount users from spreadsheet. You can get the instructions from the help and sample document for how to import those users.

Method 4
Group Management

  1. 1
    Adding Groups. A set users has comes under one common category means you can brought together as a group. For example "final year computer science graduates". You can create the groups by giving name and description.
  2. 2
    Managing Groups. After creating a group, you have to associate the users and tests to that group. Using this group function associate and conduct the exam very easily.
  3. Image titled Associate or deassociate tests in a group
    Associate or deassociate tests in a group. Here you can see number of available tests, you can choose the test by clicking the check box and click Update button for associate the test in a group. By this way you can also de-associate a test from this group.
  4. 4
    Adding or removing users in a group. For adding and removing the users in a group by clicking the "Edit Group/Assign/Remove User(s)" button.

Method 5
Publish the test to appear for the examination

  1. 1
    Sending login information to the users. Before publishing the test, you have the give the login information to each associated individual users, because each have different username and password. using the login information only they can access the system.
    Send login information here very simple, just follow these procedure, Select the group that you want to send the login details. Click "search by group". Choose the associated users from the list by selecting the check box. Then click "Send Login Details by email" button. Now email message has been send with each login information to appropriate users. You can check the status show in "Login Mail Send" column whether mail was send or not.
  2. 2
    You can publish the test only after assigning a user to the test. Here the test which is meet expected number of question with associated users are eligible for publish action. You have just the select the test from the list and click "publish" button to publish the test. Now published test was shown on each examinee or trainee system for take the assessment.

Method 6
Monitor the examination

  1. 1
    See Who's Online. As an administrator, this online exam software allows you to see what are all the users currently logged in this software. According to Skill Evaluation Lab security, multiple login using the same username was prohibited. If any one exit the browser without giving logout or any system failure, that users login session was maintained by this software. So that user details are listed here and they are not allowed to login on this software. So the administrator need unlock the session after verifying that user. Unlock button used to release the logged in session and that user can login again in case if the user forgot to click Logout or any system failure.
  2. 2
    Enabling Exam Session. If a user attending a test (have the permission to take test only one time: Exam Mode) and during the examination (attending the exam) some user got any system failure or unfortunately they exit the browser means they are not allowed to take the test. In order to take test they have get the permission form the administrator to enable the exam session. In this enable session has two type,
    • Enable Test Session: to start test from previous session (user will be navigated to last question where the user got disconnected).
    • Enable Test Session with Delete previous session records: to start test from new session (user will be navigated to first question).

Method 7
Analyzing and Reporting Test Results

  1. 1
    Analyzing Test Results. Skill Evaluation Lab allows you to view the test results anytime in the form of graphical representation (graphs and charts) and raw data. The analysis test result can done following form.
    • Individual analyzation (Student)
    • Test event based analyzation
    • Test result based analyzation
    • Rank based analyzation
    • Question based analyzation
    • Score based analyzation
    • Topic based analyzation
  2. 2
    Reporting Test Results. You can generate the report by user based on various search criteria. Based on User Group, Test, Score and date. This software allows you to get the report following format (Raw data representation) PDF, RTF, HTML, CSV with student details and their exam results.

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