How to Conduct a Survey

Two Methods:Informal SurveyProfessional Survey

Did your teacher ever ask you to conduct a survey? If the answer is yes, then read on! This article will show you exactly how you can do that!

Method 1
Informal Survey

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    Think of a survey question. Don't make it too general, or make it biased. An example of a biased survey question is, "Like most people, do you only rarely watch TV documentaries?" "Like most people" can easily enforce the answer of yes. Also, don't make un-answerable questions. An example is, "Does your family like your neighbors?" Possibly only part of your family likes only some of your neighbors.
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    Write it down. This can help prevent you from forgetting your question. Can you believe that some people actually forget their survey questions?
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    Draw a tally chart like the example below.
Favourite Whales
People sperm whale blue whale killer whale
Men 5 3 5
Women 4 6 3
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    Ask people your question. Don't make it a certain group with certain beliefs. This can affect the answers. Try to keep the people who answer as random as possible.
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    Record the results with tallies. This will help you keep track of your information. Some people lose data because they didn't record their work.
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    (Optional) Graph your results. This can make it easier for people to read.

Method 2
Professional Survey

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    Keep your mind open. If you are conducting a survey for your business or for Company, you have much more things to keep in mind.
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    Write them out. You should design the survey on paper first.
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    Write questions carefully. Survey questions should be carefully written, which are of maximum 2 lines and provide full info to respondent about what you want to know exactly.
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    Consider making an online survey. For making surveys online, you should choose a survey company that provides all the formatting options you need while creating survey.
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    Host your survey and invite your users to complete that survey.

Simple Method

  1. Look into survey companies that provide you all survey tools under one site name.
  2. Have the hard stuff taken care of. If you have less time, you can ask them to do all this hard stuff for you.
  3. Consider accuracy. Their professionals will do it better and quick. Your problem of getting responses will be solved as many survey companies provide you survey respondents, too.


  • Keep your questions short and to the point. People will be more likely to stop long enough for a short question than they would be if asked for a long, thoughtful answer.
  • Make sure you do not just ask a certain gender or ethnicity, you do not want a bias either. A good way to do this is force yourself to ask every fourth or fifth person who passes you on the street, regardless of gender, ethnicity, etc.
  • Yes/No or True/False questions are easier to tally than qualitative questions (those with long, opinionated answers).
  • If you are doing a survey of a school, or some other group, you want to ask at least 10%.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil

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