How to Complete a Project in School

We all know that feeling we get when the Social Studies teacher goes to the front of the room and announces that what she is about to inform us about a project that will be due in two weeks. Any late work will result in a reduced grade. Just what you need. Here are the steps to finishing a huge project to the best of your abilities.


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    Make a To-Do list the day you get the information, starting with the guidelines, the rules, the exceptions, the little details, and then the due date.
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    Plan your work into small but doable sessions. For example, do an hour of research on Saturday night, and work on adding details three days before it's due.
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    Use more than one source of research. Google™ or Ask Jeeves™ don't always have the answer to all of your questions on the climate of Antarctica. There are also encyclopedias, libraries, and people. Go down to the zoo if you're in dire need of average male tiger weights.


  • If your teacher says it's Ok, use study buddies or form a research group. You aren't asking Mrs. Brown if you can have partners, that's a totally different subject. These are people who are doing similar projects to yours and you can surf the web or hang at the local library with to help each other out.
  • Take lots of notes whenever your teacher or professor is talking about the project. These can come in handy if you are working at midnight on a weekend and are confused about something only a teacher would know.
  • Go down to a business office store like OfficeMax™ Or Staples™ and purchase an essay or project helper. The computer versions vary from about $15-$35. The book or binder versions are usually under $13. They come in a wide range of subjects from Social Studies to Science.
  • If your project is for a class like Literature or Science that has textbooks, ask your teacher if you can borrow a textbook for a night or check in the very back for a website and write it down in your planner or notebook and check it out at free period, Lunch, or after school.


  • Make sure you get every single rule that your teacher has set. You don't want 10 points docked because you put your name in the lower left hand corner and not the upper left corner on the back.
  • Don't go with a partner or small group unless you ask your teacher. It differentiates from educator to educator, but most teachers want to know if you plan on doing it that way because it may or may not be okay.

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