How to Complain to wikiHow if You Feel You're Not Being Treated Fairly

Everyone who writes on wikiHow has their own ideas on the treatment of the other contributors. If you don't feel appreciated, you have the right to complain. However, remember that the great majority of wikiHow's editors are volunteers like you. Here's what you need to know:


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    Understand the rules of wikiHow, and Understand What wikiHow Is Not, to make sure you know what you're doing. If you feel you didn't do anything wrong, tell an Admin and they'll try their best to help you. Or, contact the Help Team and they'll do their best to help. Let him or her know some things about you, so he or she can help you better.
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    Send a talk page message to whichever contributor upset you. Assuming good faith is always the first thing you should do. Deal with the user in a kind and professional tone—who knows, it may just be a misunderstanding.
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    Be precise about your complaint. Tell them exactly what happened or what you'd ask, politely and respectfully.
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    Realize that some contributors may not care, and even "blast" you for trying to talk to them. If this happens, tell an Admin.
    • If it is an Admin you're complaining about, keep in mind that if they seem mean, they're putting wikiHow's mission first—which is the right thing to do. If you feel differently, contact another Admin and ask them to help.


  • Contributors can get angry when their work is edited—especially if the person who edited their work is right.
  • If a contributor gets angry at you for "hurting" them, apologize to them, and explain yourself.
  • If any contributor threatens you, report them to an Admin.


  • It's possible your complaints may not be accepted by other contributors.

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