How to Compare Disney World Theme Parks

If you've never been to Walt Disney World before, you're probably wondering what it's like. By comparing parks, it's sometimes a great idea to get an idea of what each park is like. This article will try to give you this comparison.


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    Look at the parks from an educational standpoint. While both Epcot is educating the viewer with real-life situations and about a person's normal environment, both Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom both have standpoints much the same (though one is focused on the movies and the other on animals). The Magic Kingdom is focused on educational views, but in a fantasy-faire way.
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    Look at the parks from a "fun-like" perspective. While Magic Kingdom tends to be more fun than any of the other parks for those willing to stand the crowds, other parks can have just the same amount of fun if you know where (good clean) "fun" exists.
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    Try to compare the crowds. While Early Magic Hours takes people away from certain parks when Disney expects to see massive hordes of people, it draws that out on other parks. Crowds will be focused more around the younger set at both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and the older crowds at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot.
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    Look for excitement in roller coasters in some parks more than others. While each park (except Epcot) has at least one, the park with the most thrill in their roller coaster is Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom (though some people may beg to differ). Reports have been shown throughout websites and in many books including the Unofficial Guides books that Space Mountain trumps the others any day of the year (and in some can sometimes be too much excitement).
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    Look at the setup of each park. While Epcot is set up in two moon-like circles around two famous circular shapes (World Showcase Lagoon and the Epcot(Spaceship Earth) ball), each of the other 3 theme parks have only one real central locale and has several lands traveling around the hub location.
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    Look towards the travel arrangements between the Ticket and Transportation Center (parking lot for the Magic Kingdom) and the Magic Kingdom itself to be a comparison. None of the others have this setup; once you're through the gates, the whole park is at your fingertips just by walking (no alternate forms are needed to get from the parking lot and entrance to the park itself.
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    Look for kid-like bright cheery colors at the entrance to Magic Kingdom, whereas all the others tend to be less bright and more adult-like in taste.
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    Look towards the history of the parks. While the Magic Kingdom is by far the oldest(first opened in 1971[1]), Animal Kingdom (opened in 1998[2]) is by far the youngest of the 4 parks.
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    Look for classic theme rides to exist at the Magic Kingdom. Between the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean and it's a small world and the Enchanted Tiki Room, there's no way to resist not going to this park on any Disney World vacation.
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    Think in terms of parades. While at any given time and day parades could be yanked from the lineup, the two theme parks that don't have parades include Epcot and Animal Kingdom (one was the result of the parade being retired as of earlier 2014 and the other being the result of a retiring and non-replacement in the early 2000s). Most other parks contain at least 1 parade showing, if not 2 per day.
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    Look towards the differences in the lot names of each theme park. Each theme park is different, but each theme park's lots are based on what the visitor is intending to see.
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    Don't think that by going to any one park the parking info will be any cheaper. No matter what park you use, you still have to pay the same admission fee. However, if you exit one parking lot and try to reenter another on the same day, keep your ticket and show it to the nice parking lot attendant and they'll gladly admit you to the parking lots with no additional charge (show your parking lot ticket and you'll be scott free to get in to two different parks on the same day).


  • Think in terms of grabbing real-life reviews from people who've had experiences in the park from sites such as Yelp to see just what to expect. Remember to enter the park name in the one box, and the park's city (Lake Buena Vista, FL) in the city box (officially, it's not in Orlando, FL).
  • Rain isn't uncommon for Walt Disney World parks. While they all do sell rain gear of some sort, remember to bring rain gear.
  • Think about your choices wisely, if you plan to visit any of the Walt Disney World theme park water parks.
  • Even if the forecast calls for rain, don't forget to pack and use sunscreen. As is seen from underneath people with eyeglasses with Transitions lenses (blocking out harmful UV rays), the sun's rays can still penetrate through rain clouds and onto the park guest. Always try to wear sunscreen, even if it's rainy and chilly or cold or damp.
  • Always try to have a theme park visiting plan when touring around the park. If you'd like to split up into groups, make sure there's at least one adult to every 1-2 kids. For those who can navigate well enough and can act responsibly (mostly 14 and up (though this can change in every family who visits)), you may end up allowing children to split up and wander away from the parents as long as you have a comfortable meeting place at certain times.
  • For those who can act responsibly, have each "group" carry at least one cell phone so each group can know exactly where in the park the others are. You never know when you'll need the device next, as situations may develop that may keep you from meeting back at your intended spot at a designated time.
  • Remember that Walt Disney World can sometimes mistakenly be referred to as Disneyland. These two parks are separate entities from one another and exist on opposite coastlines of the United States. Try not to call Walt Disney World by Disneyland and Disneyland by Walt Disney World. They are owned by the same parent company, but they both have different treatments in the way things work around each of the Disney area parks.
  • Try to add a Park Hopper option to your theme park ticket. While some parks take a day or two to get through (for those families that have all different types of age groups and tastes), there are some who wouldn't take much time and touring a second park the same day (trying to get a jump start on another) is an essential necessary thing.


  • Don't think that smoking is allowed in any of the Disney World resorts. It's not allowed anywhere. Combine that with little to no alcohol being served at the Disney World resort parks, and you'll make the parks become breeding grounds for some angry people at times (who know that they can't get their way when they find out that most places don't sell beer or alcohol no matter what case story they present them).

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