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You're not an don't have those high dollar graphic programs, but you still feel the need to create. You have the desire to see what you can do with a graphics program, even though are aren't getting paid the 'big bucks'. Hopefully, this wiki will help you out with that by showing you how to use Tux Paint.[1]


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    Open up Tux Paint to the initial screen. You will have to use the Tux Paint configuration utility if it doesn't look like you think it should.
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    You can simply start with the screen that is displayed, or you can click on 'New' and look at the many options. There are different colors of screens to choose from as a background and quite a few things to actually color.
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    For this article, a castle will be used. From the screen shown above, select the castle.
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    Once you have the image on the screen, there are many ways to 'color'. Click on 'Magic' and check out the many options under there. Sometimes, when you use the 'Fill' command, it will go where it shouldn't. When that happens, you have to be a little more careful.
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    Click on 'Lines' on the left, and then look at all of the tools/brushes on the right. To use these, you click on one spot, drag a straight line, and take it to the end of where you want it. That is only when you want some type of precision. When you are just 'coloring in a spot', pick the paintbrush and just color away.
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    See your finished product!


  • If you edit something and don't like it, hit Ctrl + Z. That will undo the step that you just took.
  • To find some more stamps, simply go to your favorite search engine and look for
    • stamps tux paint free
  • They will need to be put in the right place. Find your Tux Paint folder and go to the data folder. In that folder will be the stamp folder. That is where you will want to put any new stamps that you find or make.

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