How to Collect Handbags

It's a fact; girls love handbags! Whether you're a first time collector or a long-time lover, collecting handbags and purses is fun. It's a hobby enjoyed by the young and the old, and it will be popular until the end of time.


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    Clear out some room in your closet. Purse collecting takes time and room, so be sure to keep them from lying on the floor.
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    Prepare a budget. You may need more money than you think if you want to collect bags, so better to know your budget than to get in debt.
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    Start buying! There are so many places to look for handbags, from the obvious places like the mall to some more different places, like your friend's attic or a Goodwill.
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    If you want to spend little and buy lots, go to thrift stores. But, there's always the places that you didn't think of, like the clearance section in Macy's or eBay.
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    Consider looking at high street stores with nice purses, like J.C. Penny's or the Bon Ton. Stay away from the expensive stuff and look for name brands, just a little on the cheaper end. After every season, department stores take bit cuts on nice purses, so this is the time to stock up!
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    If you have a large budget, look anywhere. Online is always a great place to find anything, but be sure to look out for fakes. High end department stores and little boutiques are great starters, especially if you don't have a specific genre of bags you're looking for.
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    Find a specific kind of bag you want to collect. Do you like the color red? Hunt for red bags. Like funky prints? Go to stores that sell animal print products. Also, some people collect antique purses and others only collect Coach bags. The more unique people also collect lunch boxes and messenger bags. Find what works for you and your budget.


  • Before you get into a certain type of bag, make sure it can retain it's value. You don't want to buy a thousand dollar antique just to find out it's a fake.
  • An overlooked place is department stores in rich neighborhoods. Many wealthy people "dispose" of their old bags there, and the competition for second-hand stuff is low in these areas.
  • Ask your friends what they look for in a bag. Is it durability? Crispness? Will it look nice on a shelf but isn't that practical? Sometimes, your friends are the best place to start.

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