How to Collect Ball Jointed Dolls

This article is for doll collectors and newbies to learn about ball-jointed dolls (BJDs). BJDs are resin dolls that have ball joints; this gives them very good mobility for photography, or simply for playing with them. Their sizes range from 10 centimeters (3.9 in) to 90 centimeters (35.4 in). Most BJD's are highly detailed, and some are anatomically correct. Some companies produce soft or gentle bodies which are not anatomically correct and are recommended for younger collectors. BJDs have interchangeable eyes and wigs and are strung together. BJDs have face-ups; this means that they have hand-painted make-up on their faces. Their prices can range from $98 to $2,000.


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    Make sure you really do want a doll. It may seem fun now, but you might regret spending money on one later. Watch and read reviews, research them, and really know that you do want a BJD. If you have known to switch hobbies frequently, you might want to think it over. However, if you think that you are passionate about ball jointed dolls, then go ahead!
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    Browse dolls on websites such as,,,, and Look at as many websites as possible to try to get the best deals. If you aren't so sure about a seller/website, try to find reviews to know they are trustworthy.
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    Find the doll that you fall in love with. Make sure you go through all of the resources on eBay before you make your final decision. Be absolutely sure this is the doll you want. A doll with curly hair may be very pretty, but it can be very high-maintenance. If you are afraid of not being able to take care of the doll's hair, just get a simple, straight hairstyle that isn't too long.
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    Purchase the doll. Place your order and then wait for it to arrive. Along with the doll, buy a wig, a wig cap, an extra pair of eyes, eye putty, shoes, and an outfit. Make sure the outfit/shoes will fit the doll and is the right brand. Imagine the doll wearing it in your mind - you don't want the outfit to clash with the hair and eye colors. You can even come up with a "style" for your doll - preppy, classy, and so on.
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    Name the doll. Look through baby name books or look online for name sites. It can be a simple name or an exotic one, whichever you think fits the doll. It helps to have an idea for the name - such as, ending with -y or -ie, or starting with a certain letter. When you find a name you like, try it out on the doll. Does it fit?
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    Once your doll comes make a video to document its box opening for memories. Open the box carefully, you might want to preserve it. After your doll is out of the box, fix the hair, as it may have gotten messed up, and take photos, or try on the other outfits you bought.


  • You can create a life story for your doll. It entertains you and helps you discover your doll's personality.
  • Try collecting dollhouse furniture - just make it to scale. With lots of cool props, backgrounds, and accessories, they will make your photos and videos come to life!
  • If you are a little tight on money, consider buying a used doll. It might come with some scratches, but you can try to fix it up!
  • Bobobie dolls and also smaller size dolls are recommended for newcomers. Slowly work your way up to a larger doll or even a Volks.

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