How to Collaborate on a wikiHow Article

WikiHow is described as a collaboration, since anyone can create an article or edit an existing article. But in addition, there are a variety of ways you can work with someone to improve an article, while improving your own skills at the same time. If any of these appeal to you, read on!


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    Post a question on the Help Using wikiHow Forum. This is the best place to acquire a short answer to a single question.
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    Request collaboration. This is the best way to acquire lengthy answers to a series of questions.
    • Insert the {{arc}} template on an article's Discussion page. This displays a message to other editors to collaborate.
    • On the Discussion page, describe the kind of collaboration you'll need:

      • Review and feedback. You may just need a fresh point of view.
      • Improve word choice, spelling, grammar and sentence structure. A second opinion may improve your writing skills.
      • Add content. Someone may contribute with researched and exciting information.
      • Improve format. An experienced editor can help with whitespace, syntax, bolding, headings, bulleted or numbered lists to enhance the presentation of your article.
      • Weave links and add related articles. Readers enjoy exploring other articles, jumping from one to another. Another editor may think of a perfect article for further reference.
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    Find a mentor. A mentor works with you over an extended period of time, offering in-depth information, with perhaps several articles. Click here for more information.


  • A mentor can be helpful in many aspects, such as patrolling, using images or importing content.

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