How to Code a High Score on Flappybird for Android

There is a hack you can use to get a high score on Flappybird. This technique works only on Android and it requires a "rooted" phone and "ES File Explorer".


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    Open ES File Explorer.
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    Tap the " / " button.
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    Search the word "Flappy". You will find a result folder named as "com.dotgears".
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    Open com.dotgears -> shared-prefs -> flappybird.xml.
  5. Image titled Flappy08.png
    Find your score under a code. Suppose that your score is 31, the code will state that.
  6. Image titled Flappy10.png
    Edit the file and revalue your score. Suppose your need your score to be 976, edit the code as that.
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    Save the file and open the game.You'll find the newly added score shown as your best score.

Things You'll Need

  • Android (rooted phone)
  • ES File Explorer

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