How to Coach Girls Softball

Three Methods:Coaching StyleBefore and During the Game

Girls softball is a highly competitive sport that takes an equal amount of skill, practice and dedication. An effective softball coach possesses many important characteristics. These traits include patience, perseverance, passion and knowledge. When a coach possesses these traits, it influences the softball team's success. A softball coach also needs to be understanding. By being able to relate well to others and see another person's point of view, they learn how to work well with players with different personalities. This helps the coach find the most effective softball coaching methods to motivate and get each player to perform the very best.

Method 1

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    Inform the players of your background. Let them know of your experience, and softball awards or credentials. Show these to the league recruiting softball coaches. The more credentials, experience and requirements you have, the more likely it is your players will trust your decisions.
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    Become familiar with the coaching process. Whether it's reading a book, watching softball games or learning more about softball in general, educate yourself on anything related to softball.
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    Read up on softball rules. Purchase a book of softball rules or refer to a reputable online resource that lists these rules. Study these rules until you become familiar with them.

Method 2
Coaching Style

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    Determine which coaching style works best for you and benefits the players the most. Your job as a coach is to motivate players and to ensure they perform their very best. Being an effective coach means answering any questions players have.
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    Know the game. The more you know about softball, the rules of the game, proper form required in hitting, pitching, fielding, running and stealing bases, the more you educate players and teach them how to develop these skills. This ensures maximum performance.
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    Know the difference in skill levels. Keep in mind that every player's skill level is different. While there are a few players who are skilled way beyond their years, there are also players who are just learning how to play. The important thing is to treat players equally.
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    Eliminate favoritism. Treat players equally and never show favoritism towards a particular player. This creates resentment and distrust among other players and creates disharmony within the team.
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    Be a role model for players. Prevent from making rude comments or snide remarks to other players on the opposing teams. Always try to remain positive, even when the outcome doesn't.

Method 3
Before and During the Game

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    Motivate players before each game by gathering the team together. Have every team member participate in a song or rally prior to the game. Effective softball coaching techniques gets every player excited about playing the game.
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    Show good sportsmanship. While everyone enjoys winning, it is not the only outcome of a game. Teach the players that the goal of the game is to do the best you can, have fun and always to be just as graceful when you win and when you lose.
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    Support players on the field. While it may get stressful at times, avoid yelling or embarrassing players on the field. If someone makes a mistake, instead of voicing your disapproval on the field, wait for the player to come to the dug out and pull them to the side to talk with her.
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    Encourage players on the team. When a player uses incorrect form or makes an error, help them correct these errors by showing them the proper way to perform this task. This is an effective softball coaching technique.

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