How to Coach a Soccer Team

Soccer coaching is an extremely rewarding and fun experience for anyone who has had any involvement in soccer before or played soccer. Even to be coach is new to the sport and simply helping out a local team, the fast-paced game, and ability to help develop soccer players is a draw for many coaches to keep at it. So how does a coach who has no experience coach soccer players get started?


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    Understand the basics of the game. Depending on the age and playing level of the athletes, you may not need to learn everything right away. You can study the basics by reading manuals on the rules, basics of the game, and penalties. Then you can watch other games and learn something from other coaches, either local or televised, to get a feel for the rhythm of the game.
    • The company called Sports Interactive is now making games that can provide little experience in how to coach and how to manage the club. The game is called Football Manager 2011. If you play this game most of the time, it gives little bit of experience in coaching, the knowledge and teaches coaches to be better coach.
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    Know what makes good soccer coach:
    • Good communication skills
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    • Guide player
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    • Help players when they need you
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    • Inspire players
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    • Empowering player
    • Develop their potential
    • Motivate player
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    • Is a Good Listener
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    • Is Disciplined
    • Leads by Example
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    Decide whether to pursue this professionally. In small communities you just have to volunteer to be a soccer coach but you don’t get paid. So if you want to get paid to be a soccer coach you need to have qualifications and apply for a job in a league or overseas in English premier league to get paid lots of money to look after your family.
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    Train the players so that they can produce entertainment in the game to the community (fans) because the fans come to support the team so you and the team have to give back to the community people can watch this sport on TV which is part of entertainment .
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    Get the finances in order. Finance and insurance in soccer coaching is the most important thing both for the player and the club. It’s important because in professional coach you have to pay the player with their skills standards and position so good players get more money in their wages and also you need to buy new players from other clubs. The money helps to keep the club in shape, and you need insurance on equipment such as team bus, other gear and maybe the soccer field too.
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    Know your media. There is lot of media involved in the soccer coaching and soccer in general for example; television, radio, the newspaper; the most important thing is the magazine. They bring out new FIFA magazine English premier league every month.
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    Enlist the help of health and medical professionals. There are a lot of injuries in this sport industry when players get injured will need physiologist, therapists and physiotherapists. These people get employed by the soccer club full time. Health services are needed because as a coach you need to know if your players are in good shape and if they can play the next game so health services are the most important thing you need to have as a coach.
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    Get transportation figured out. Transport is also involved in soccer without transport you can’t go and play away games. In big clubs and international teams you will need transport like plane and bus. But some rich clubs usually have their own bus.
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    Become familiar with industry characteristics:
    • It is an outdoor oriented career because when coaches work they work outdoors.
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    • It is also active because in this career you don’t sit around, you have to go in the field and demonstrate to player what you want them to do some times.
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    • In this career sometimes you need hands on your self helping others because as manager you actually employ people to work for you because you need a coach in each position on the field you need a coach for midfield, striker defense and goalkeeper so you have to help those coaches some times.
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  • A professional coach who works in big clubs in England gets about 3 million pounds a year so that’s about 4,877,114 Australian dollars which is a lot if you become a professional soccer coach overseas. So 4,877.144 Australian dollars divide by 52 weeks you get 93 791.23 Australian dollars per week if you work for big clubs overseas like London you get more money. The good thing in soccer coaching is that as you get better and better your pay goes up too.
  • In terms of long term employment it depends if you are good coach who makes a difference, in the end of the day a coach who can make the team successful and a coach who can win 88 percent of his games. If you can be that kind of a coach you can be employed forever because owners of the club they like to employ a coach who can win bring back trophies.
  • In this job, a lot of negativity from other coaches from other clubs can put you down. They can say your team will never make it to the final or semi final or your team will never win a game, so if want to be a soccer coach you need to be someone who doesn’t give up easy and someone who doesn’t listen to what people say. The positive thing is that you always have your players who gives you courage and you have your team fans that support you each and every game if you win or lose. They are always there for you no matter what.
  • Having an athletic body yourself and being active puts a good picture for the team.

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