How to Clothes Shop for a Whole Year

Don't like clothes shopping? Your parents won't take you shopping often? Here's how to make sure you have a great wardrobe year around.


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    Consider each season and the basics you will need. Think pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and perhaps a heavy coat for fall/winter; shorts, skirts, tank tops and short sleeve shirts for spring/summer. Remember socks and underwear too!
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    Make a list of the clothing you want to get and what stores you want to shop at.
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    Utilize the internet to look at what the store has before going.
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    Choose a day and go shopping!
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    If you don't find what you want at the stores, look at different styles or buy clothes off the internet.
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    If you still don't have any luck, consider trying or asking your parents for another day.


  • Remember that before school and after school is out are popular times to shop. If you don't like crowds or the possibility of not finding your size, consider going shopping on a day during the week.
  • Remember to keep an open mind while you are shopping, but don't settle for clothes you don't like or won't wear often. The point is to find clothes that you will like for at least a year.
  • Consider your personal style when deciding when to shop: if you wear pants and t-shirts mostly, consider shopping in fall, that way, everything you want is on the regular racks in abundance.
  • If you are female, don't go shopping right before your period or during it, clothing may fit you differently because of bloating.


  • Remember, that during a year your weight may change, for example, in winter people usually gain a bit of weight due to the cold weather and lack of energy.
  • The internet is a great source for looking at what stores have, but remember that not all stores have all items in stock. Hence why internet shopping is to be considered.
  • The problem with shopping only once a year is finding great clothes for all seasons; you may not find what you want on the sales racks.
  • When shopping for a whole year you may find yourself looking for the same style things you have worn past years because of stress that shopping may cause. Maybe it IS time for a change? Then give yourself more time to choose the clothes or, as said before, check out internet stores to draw an image of what you' re looking for. Also, check out, in which you can make different sets of clothes.

Things You'll Need

  • An itemized list of clothes
  • Perhaps a list of stores you would like to shop at
  • Money, of course

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