How to Close Your wikiHow Account

If you've decided that you don't want to participate on wikiHow anymore, you can just log out of your account and never use it again. If you're concerned about your identity being tied to your contributions, though, and want to tie up some loose ends, here are some ways to completely dissociate from the wikiHow account that you created. An account cannot be deleted, but it can be turned completely anonymous, so that the edits made from that account will never be linked to you again.


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    Remove your email. Go to your preferences. Click on Notifications and remove any e-mail address associated with your account, or go directly to this link to remove your email. Just leave the new email address area blank.
    • You can also click "disable" next to your "Receive emails from wikiHow" option in order to turn off email notifications, if you don't want to disassociate your email altogether.
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    Erase your user page.
    • Click on the "My Profile" dropdown from the top of any wikiHow page. Click on "My User Page".
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    • Click "Remove Profile" to remove your profile box information, and confirm when the dialog box pops up.
    • Click on the Edit tab. Highlight everything there, and delete it.
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    • Click "Publish". This will make your user page blank, but people will still be able to see what was once written on it by viewing the page history. If you would like to have the history erased as well, nominate the page for deletion by writing {{speedy|Please delete my user page.}} It will get deleted by an admin eventually, and you will know it was deleted because when you click on "History" there will be nothing there.
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    Erase your talk page. Go to the "Talk" tab on your user page, and on the talk page, press "Edit" and erase all the content. You don't need to nominate the page for deletion, though, since it's unlikely that you've put any identifying information on your talk page.
    • An easy way is to press Ctrl+A ( Cmd+A on the Mac) and press the delete key. Then press the "Publish" button at the bottom of the page.
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    Change your display name, if it is somehow associated with your identity. Go to preferences and change your real name and nickname. If these fields remain blank, your username (shown in the URL of your profile page) will be used to attribute your work.
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    Change your username, if necessary. Again, this is only if the name is somehow linked with your identity, such as if it is your actual name, or it is a username you use on several other websites. To have your username changed, fill out this form or send an email to Anna.
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    Log out, and don't log back in again.


  • You may need to clear cookies and any remembered login info for wikiHow on your browser.
  • Leave your articles you started, intact. wikiHow is a collaborative site and articles you started can be further developed over time, unless it becomes necessary later down the line to have them deleted for other reasons provided at our deletion Policy page.


  • If you do all of the above and forget your password, it's unlikely you will ever be able to log into the account again. If you want to leave that option open, don't erase your e-mail address in your preferences. Having an e-mail address there will allow you to reset your password.

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