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Climbing buildings are often feats completed by heroic people in movies. It may seem to be a difficult process. However, you will find that it is similar to rock climbing. This article will guide you through the steps of successfully climbing a building.


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    First, identify the building you want to climb. Be sure that it has a safe, sturdy structure, such as stone. Understand that you may need to find a different one if it appears unsteady or dangerous at all. Check to see if people are around, as they may discourage you from climbing or call the police.
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    Check for climbing holds. Scan the building for drain pipes or solid ledges that can hold your weight. When climbing, you will need to find safe handholds and footholds that you can grip. If the building has too few, you may need to search for another one to climb.
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    Find a good starting point. Search for a spot where there are the most climbing holds above you. Plan a route that takes you to your destination, as well as a method for entering the desired place whether it be through the roof or an open window. Once you have figured out a plan, begin at a starting point, such as a sturdy drain pipe.
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    Follow your route. Use climbing holds, such as pipes and window ledges, to follow the path leading to your destination. If you find that you have to change your plans halfway through, find safe holds to grip onto as you move up the building. Be sure that you avoid touching slippery substances that might cause you to lose your grip.
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    Stay safe. If you find that your route is too dangerous or difficult, you may need to restart your progress. Understand that your first priority is your safety. Sometimes, you have to start over before you can succeed. Find a better path to take in order to safely reach your destination.


  • There is always a way up a building, but make sure that you can do it.
  • If you see a ledge that is just a little out of your reach, look for a wall. Kicking off of a wall 90 degrees to the ledge will most likely give you that needed boost.
  • Encouraging frustration will only hinder your progress. Instead, remain calm and confident when climbing a building.
  • Always start small and work your way up.
  • Make sure to use your weight effectively. If you do not possess the strength to make a jump or reach another handhold (such as a windowsill or protruding brick), use your weight to swing yourself to it. If you are high up and aren't certain this is possible, find a different way, or at least make sure you can stop yourself from falling off.
  • First, check if the ledge is enough good to bear your weight.
  • There is no secret to climbing; you just have to go with the flow.
  • If you are large, avoid small surfaces such as a ledge because you might fall off.
  • If you are climbing the building as an escape attempt, survey the building from behind a bush or in a tree.


  • Never attempt climbing a building or object which is high up and not to your ability. It could result in serious injury or death.

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