How to Clear Land

Three Methods:BulldozingMulch ClearingBuy Some Goats

Land can be cleared using several different methods. When a land owner decides to clear land, it is important to carefully decide which method to choose. Part of this decision will be based on what the land will be used for after it is cleared, and how much time and cost is involved in the clearing.

Method 1

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    Harvest any large trees that are on your land before you bring in a bulldozer. Nice size trees can be cut and sold for logs.
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    Use a bulldozer to completely clear an area of land after it is harvested. The bulldozer can then push away debris from the harvesting, and the bulldozer will push over stumps and fairly small trees and bushes.
    • Bulldozing is a cheaper method of clearing land. However, the topsoil of your land will be damaged during the process. Topsoil is lost when it attaches itself to the roots of the stumps that are pushed away.
    • The debris pushed away by the bulldozer has to go somewhere. If you choose the bulldozing method, you will have huge piles of debris. This can be an eyesore that is hard to get rid of. The debris piles will have to dry for several months before they can be burned. Because of all the dirt that is involved, the piles are hard to burn. You could consider burying the pile of debris, but this will require having a place to bury it.

Method 2
Mulch Clearing

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    Seek out a mulch clearing company. Check to see if anyone in your area owns and runs a mulching machine. This method is good if you have an area to clear with smaller trees, 8 inches (20 cm) or less, or an area that needs to be cleared around trees.
    • A mulch machine knocks over small trees, bushes, and brush and grinds them into mulch. There is nothing left to pile up or burn.
    • The soil is not damaged during mulch clearing. The mulching head actually works to grind the debris into the soil.
    • This type of clearing is also good if you want to clear around large trees. Some mulching machines are small and will fit between trees.
    • Mulch clearing is more expensive than other kinds of clearing. The mulching machine works very fast and is a quick way to clear land. Larger mulching machines cost more per hour but work faster clearing land.

Method 3
Buy Some Goats

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    Build a fence around the land you want to clear and put some goats inside the fence. The goats will eat the undergrowth around the larger trees. You can then sell the goats and harvest the larger trees.
    • Goat clearing is inexpensive for clearing land, but it does take time. The goats can get to places that machinery has a hard time reaching.
    • You will still need a way to get rid of the stumps left after harvesting the larger trees.

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