How to Clear a Small Piece of Land

If you’re thinking of enhancing your property for aesthetic, functional or safety purposes, you can always do so with having your land cleared first. Though you can consider hiring the services of professional contractors to make sure that you really have a good, properly and attractive-looking cleared piece of land. And if you have a particularly large parcel of land that needs to be cleared, you can’t certainly do this on your own or even with the help of other persons: you really have to hire the services of highly-experienced and trained tradesmen who have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to get the job done. But if you want to have a small patch of your land in your property cleared for gardening or landscaping purposes, below are some tips you can follow:


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    Think about and select carefully the spot you want to be cleared for your upcoming project.
    If you want to start a vegetable or floral garden in your yard, choose a leveled area that gets direct sunlight. To make sure that the spot you want to plant your garden in is really suitable, you can consider having the soil tested for its level of soil drainage and pH levels. Generally, areas with good soil drainage are the best spots for you to clear and start a garden in.
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    Place markers on the parcel of land’s boundaries. To make sure that you don’t go beyond the areas that you want cleared and to use for your garden or project, mark the boundaries. Put strings around it or use rocks or stones to make the boundaries.
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    Clean and clear the plot.
    This means removing all weeds and small stones found on the plot that will hamper the growth of your garden or would just be sources of impediments for the construction of your project. Experts in land clearing Perth locals trust say that you can even burn the weeds you have already removed from that plot. This is a technique to properly clean the piece of land and you can also use the ashes as natural fertilizers when you are ready to plant your garden.
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    Dig and work the soil.
    Use a spade, garden fork or rototiller or root rake to dig or work the soil. This will be the best time for you to remove rocks and hidden roots and break up large lumps of soil. If you think that the plot of land is too big to dig using non-powered tools, you can hire a small tractor so that this particular task can be completed successfully.

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