How to Clear a Room in Airsoft

Four Methods:If 4 Units (Standard)If Three unitsIf Two UnitsOne-Man Room clearing

Have you ever played air soft and walked in a room and got shot? Well now you will now how to enter a room S.W.A.T. Style with minimum casualties and maximum results.


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    Get on the wall before you open the door. The last thing you want to do is get shot first thing, so be sure to do this and get ready to back away quickly!
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    Instruct your team to do the same. Consider hand signal systems so you don't give yourself away. Give your second man a room clearing sign and he will throw in a flashbang if he has one. If not, your last man will simply open the door in the best way possible. As your team rushes in, he will come to the back of the line. From here your strategy depends on the number of men in your squad.

Method 1
If 4 Units (Standard)

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    You (Unit 1) will enter the room first. Consider a shout or distraction if no flashbangs were available. You will immediately turn right. Even if there's someone in front of you, leave him. Sweep from right to left after moving against the nearest wall and shoot any enemy you see. Your second man will enter at the same time you do and does the same thing you did with the left. Make sure you and the second man get on walls so 3 and 4 have clear shots to the middle left and right, respectively. Once the threats are taken care of, each teammate should guard an entry (or corner) while you yell, "Status". Each teammate will report on who they shot and where they were. Once you are satisfied, call "stack up" and line up for the next room.

Method 2
If Three units

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    The same happens as in Standard except instead of 3 and 4 covering mid-left and mid-right, the third man simply covers the middle.

Method 3
If Two Units

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    Same as Standard except no-one covers the middle while 1 and 2 cover left and right. Thus cover or getting down would be advisable. Think Time Crisis on this one.

Method 4
One-Man Room clearing

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    In no way is this method recommended, and trained S.W.A.T. Operators do not use it.. The #1 rule in room clearing is never go in alone. However, maybe all your teammates are out, or away on other missions. For One-Man room clearing, here's what you do:
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    Imagine your field of vision as a pie. As you move at different angles to the door, you are "slicing the pie". Keep your gun at the same place as your eye; not further in, not closer to your body. The point is if you see a bad guy on your section of the pie he doesn't see you first. Keep slicing the pie in baby steps. If you can somehow throw in a flashbang then you could then slice the pie much faster. See Clear-a-Building-with-a-Firearm for more techniques.


  • For Handgun users, it is expected you should be the most experienced. You have more ability to be agile with your light weapons. Use a Gas or Electric Semi-Auto.
  • For the first man, use an AEG, the second a handgun, the third a shotgun, and the fourth whatever he's best with. For Two-man clearing, you can both use handguns. For single-man, choose what you think will do the job.
  • Remember this is Airsoft. You can't shoot through walls or spray and pray.
  • For weaponry, try either an SMG (MP5, Uzi, etc.) or Auto-Rifle Carbine AEG (M4 Carbine, CAR-15, G36C, etc.) a Semi-Auto handgun, or a shotgun with either clips or shells, preferably shells because they don't rattle. Every teammate should use their selection of one of these because they do best with it, not because it's "cool". Remember: Cool gets you killed.
  • For teammates who prefer AEG's, only keep it on auto if you're going to put more than one round in them. Don't spray your section of the room, It wastes ammo, and half the time it doesn't work. Also it looks very unprofessional without slo-mo and a 3D-Camera sweep.
  • For shotgun users, my favor falls on you. That is the ultimate weapon, not that metal M16 with a red-dot sight and a Grenade launcher that your buddy has. You can use your weapon at any range; Single-Pump for sniping, pumping rounds with the trigger pulled for assault, and double pumps for CQC like this. Use that pump!
  • Don't forget to use your advantages. Zig-zag. Duck. Sweep like in the movies. It works. Just don't put that thing in a holster and grab your P90 on first instinct.
  • If you don't have a flashbang try a fire-cracker or something else loud. Not poppers, because they barely make any noise and will only alert them to your presence.


  • This is not guaranteed to work, but then again, Chuck Norris is not guaranteed to kill on the first blow. Also this is what S.W.A.T. Teams do.
  • Wear eye protection!
  • If you can not get in you may get shot no matter what, depending on how many there are.

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